Remove 3 Days Holding Period and DO THIS

Like I get what you’re saying and why it would work but it will never be implemented because it’s too much of a risk. And on that note, you’re asking for Steam to spend money to implement this communication and why would they do that for a f2p game?

What’s the difference in preventing fraud charges for new RC vs 3 day old RC then?

If nothing, then the 3 day hold is meritless.

Like the other comment here said that there are a lot of stolen credit card fraud being reported. This will prevent that issue. (I HOPE)

Mm idk where you’re getting that. Max I’ve seen is 3 months.

Yeah basically it would really mess up the economy if the gold attained from chargebacks was able to circulate prior to the account being caught and banned.

think its mostly meant to protect the innocent ones that get banned rather than the ones that should if those illegal goods get into the market, Swtor does the same thing but 2d rather than 3 i believe.

So it should be RC greater than 3 days old are free to spend as usual and RC <3 days old can get gold/items in RC shop but those things have 3 day limit to enter market.

That’s sound logic yeah, unless there’s something we don’t know.

Right now, you have no instant buying power as they took this away from everyone… At the very minimum they should consider this feedback so people can pre-load up on some RC to have around incase they want to buy something instantly. @Roxx

By law in the US, minimum is 60 days. Typical is 120 days and if your a preferred member or special client those are extended to 6 month to a year (at the companies discretion), in some cases. I have friends in the banking, credit card processing, consulting.

Also per this thread Multiboxing - Multiple accounts - Rules - #56 by Dax you’re allowed to have multiple Steam accounts to play LA, so your solution @Succre would not be viable.

Think that latter thing is about subscriptions. **The years part towards the bottom.

As someone else in the thread correctly mentioned, purchases and payments are made through Steam’s platform, which means these things would have to be restrictions would have to be implemented by Valve through the Steam account and payment management side. This isn’t a limitation they currently have in place, and it would also introduce a new issue which would need a new solution – cards of customers expiring, getting lost or stolen, or accounts closing or switching. Because payment is made through Steam, as previously mentioned, this would require additional Valve support resources to handle as well. Unfortunately since we aren’t a part of Valve, it’s not really something we can sign them up for to make happen.

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Would it be possible to remove the 3 day restriction for items/gold purchased with RC that are more than 3 days old?


Interesting proposition! I’m not sure if that’s possible to implement, but I can definitely bring it up.

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Thanks for the clarification. You can now close this thread.

they can now ignore the three - day refund

They mention that multiple accounts are against ToS. Is this true? My sister is considering about playing lost ark but we only have 1 PC, would that be a problem? considering that we might trade stuff eventually every now and then to help each other ofc @Roxx

The thread I linked earlier addresses this. Multiple accounts same household is fine. I think it’s when you start having one account, multiple households that it becomes an issue. Multiboxing - Multiple accounts - Rules - #29 by akasha

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