Remove a super armor from Deathblade and give a super armor to striker/wardancer

DBlade have 1 skill dark axel with super armor , it’s a dash , all other move skills don’t have any anti stagger or anti push utility , so we have 1 more dash with nockdown and 1 trash spinecutter , what I’m preferrly don’t use never because like I’m say it’s trash, so we have only 2 dashes , SS if I’m don’t forget have 3 dashes , have 2 skills with invisibility and move speed , if u don’t trust me go in to the 3v3 in try to catch good SS , I think when u use 2 dash ability and just run with your legs , u understood what I’m talking about

you mean the dodge?

First off

Second off
Sounds like a L2P issue

Deathblade has a total of 4 push immunity abilities.

Can u read what I’m saying ? I’m say anti push dashes , not a overall anti push abilities

Blade is the only class that a completely clueless player can press random buttons on and do insane damage. Class literally just plays itself. Deathblade mains defending their class is laughable. Play a real class and suffer.


The pvp balance is a constant rock paper scissor. Some classes are made specifically to counter others and etc.
stop QQing

you’re actually braindead if you think this. deathblades do 0 damage without setup. if you can’t dodge a moonlight sonic when you aren’t knocked or stunned then you might be the clueless player XD. In your argument, sorc is just as braindead, so is artillerist. Press rando big aoe cc, press meteor, ez! Time and time again I see bad deathblades just fall over or they miss every single ability. I will literally 100-0 a bad deathblade as a deathblade in 1’s.

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Well, AGS is not responsible for the development.
So every balance change would have to be done by SmileGate.

They balanced the PvP over the last years, and they probably mostly take their stats and feedback from Korea/Russia. So while feedback is always appreciated I guess, it will not be heard here.

Lol she is a grandmaster from RU and one of the contest announcers, a lot of the grandmaster that make tier list are on the same page. You on the other hand are in every thread acting like Deathblade does not counter every melee in game and it’s such a terrible class and your just so good at the game for some how by the grade of god and your amazing skills making deathblade work.

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How does a grandmaster come to the conclusion that a deathblade can just run into anything and do significant damage. It’s nonsense. I don’t disagree that the class has a low skill floor, but it has a high skill ceiling like any other class. A bad deathblade will get shit on by a team that knows what they’re doing.

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Because it’s true, your example of moonlight sonic getting countered is ridiculous. What good deathblade is even going to use that if opponent is near them and they aren’t knocked down or cc’d? Yes, there is plenty of garbage deathblades out there but anybody that’s decent at the game can make it work and if an equal skilled players is on another class the deathblade will not lose unless she makes some idiotic mistake. I myself have 3v1 on deathblade plenty of times without spending much time on the class once I got used to how the skills work.

that’s my point. any class can do free damage against anyone that is cc’d

i’ve seen people 1v3 on almost every class so that’s a poor excuse. i’ve also seen deathblades get 100-0’d after making every mistiming, getting baited, missing stuns, etc.

a deathblade who just started playing deathblade won’t be able to touch me, unless i make a drastic mistake

You already said you agree the class has a low skill floor, I am not sure why you seeing a deathblade player lose means anything.

low skill floor - easy to get into
high skill ceiling - skill potential - like most classes

i’m not trying to hate on laufie but it would’ve made more sense to say that anyone can press buttons and be untouchable, rather than do damage whenever. if you’re getting peeled all game cause you’re bad you’re not doing damage.

then you have pala bard comps pressing aborbs the entire game so lots of things are monkey mode

I got diamond on 200 ping in Russia on a blade in 4 days. You don’t have to argue with me because I already know, for myself, how busted that class is.


Is 9+ abilities w paralysis immunity not enough for you?

Sorry for calling you braindead that was a bit far btw

But it seems like you are very well experienced with the games mechanics and classes in general, so that doesn’t sound very surprising. I think if an insane deathblade that has been playing for a long time hopped on a striker or sorc for a week could do well yes? I agree the class is really good, but damage isn’t the reason. It’s the fact blade can be virtually untouchable with good teammates with the proper build and awareness. My opinion, but compared to sorc and artillerist damage blade is not crazy. It all comes from moonlight and Blitz with the occasional zero.

But you take a blade who has low game sense and pvp XP he will get dumpstered. I see scrappers, deadeyes 1v3 just never being touched, bards 1v3ing, arty 1v3ing. Every class is busted in its own way no?

The nature of this game is such that if you don’t know how to string your combos together properly you will int on any class. Blade damage requires setup, but the reason it’s considered so strong is because it has a lot of different ways to set up that damage with a lot of CC in its kit, a lot of which has push immunity, so not only do you have a lot of options, those options are fairly safe and require less risk taking than the initiation of a striker or scrapper. Also another infuriating thing about Blade for a lot of people is that the whirlwind - headhunt/swordart - moonlight sonic combo is all of Blade’s damage and you are juggled the whole time. So not only is Blade hard to stop when he wants to initiate on you due to all the push immunities, but once he connects to you, his entire damage combo is inescapable with roll. A Blade that plays around their cooldowns properly is extremely oppressive and it’s very frustrating. Sorc and Gunslinger are pretty ridiculous too.


But it can be peeled quite easily. It has t2 super armor on dark Axel into upper slash but once the juggling begins peeling the blade isn’t hard

Also to me surprise attack is more insane, because of how many times it can knock down or get you out