Remove all founders pack items from all accounts and re-send them once the dupe is fixed


For those who aren’t aware - some people, intentionally or unintentionally have received multiple founders packs. Generally the ones they purchased just appeared again ready for claim, and they could continue to claim them as many times as they liked.

This means some players got 18 character slots ($10/each) for free, dupes of platinum founder skins for every class (which are sellable on the marketplace), dupes of every mount colour, and so on.

AGS have stated: “For those that are fearing action taken against their accounts, we are aware that this is a bug and will not be punishing those who who were affected.”

That’s fair enough as some people did honestly not intend to exploit this, but just received two founders packs and claimed a second out of confusion.

Some people however claimed as many as they liked and now have all the contents multiplied by however main times they exploited this.

If AGS were to remove all founders pack rewards from the game, then re-send them (assuming the dupe bug has been fixed), this would solve two problems at once.

First, the dupe is fixed. This means that the players who exploited this won’t be able to sell their duped rewards and make way more gold than intended. The founders packs used exclusivity as a marketing point, which has gone down the gutter. If they remove and re-send them, the exclusivity returns.

Second, those who regret their server choice but feel stuck because they already claimed their founders packs on a server would be able to re-roll on another server and claim their founder packs properly on the server of their choice.

This might be particularly applicable for EU players who accidentally rolled on a server that had been unofficially claimed by a specific nationality that are now being openly toxic to anyone not speaking the language on the server that they “own”.

This would also give people a chance to re-roll off servers that have enormous queues, which are only going to get worse when f2p launches on Friday, possible splitting up friend groups and guilds.

AGS have a rough history with dupe bugs due to the shenanigans that happened in New World - please don’t let it happen again.

Thanks for reading, thoughts?


Stop giving AGS solutions. Items were sent. Items are tracked. Its manual work but it will be manually removed.

KR Players caught with RMT/Dupes had items and gold removed and received Minus few Millions Negative Balance. Good luck playing the game :slight_smile:

just chill and wait for them to fix it.

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this could solve 2 problems in 1, people getting multiple packs and also people who opened them on the wrong server due to the language issues.

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The proposed solution above would actually fix the problem and resolve the issue without problems and more, don’t be so negative about suggestions

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You do realise how many players that would be if they had to do it manually? All the servers are full and there are long queues to enter them. If we say theres about 500.000 players who got the founders pack if only 1% of them got this bug thats still 5.000 players they would have to check, recheck then manually wipe all of this from.

Much easier to wipe them all and resend them properly. Would give the massive amount of people who ended up on “wrong language” servers to pick again.

how do you wipe Crystals that were consumed and transformed in gold or items?? :slight_smile:

Honestly at this point I wouldn’t even mind a server rollback to launch I’d rather go through the levelling process all over again rather than having a possibly fucked up economy right of the bat.

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When they do this you “could” give everyone who was 50 a Free Powerlevel boost and bit of items / silver and for people below 50 give them only items and money. I would rather take this level again than some guys who made 10+ Million gold and 1,XXXX Amount of $ and ruined the trade econmy before even the f2p start.

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the packs with crystals would need to be handled and traced manually, the rest can be done in bulk

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Totally agree with you, it’s the only solution to fix this duplication problem.

From what i heard they removed all the additional Items. From what Source you guys have other info ?

I don’t think they removed all the duplicated items, where did you hear that from?