Remove Ark Pass Skin Purchase Limit

Currrently you can only obtain 2 copies of the Ark Pass skin - once from shop and once from the pass itself.


That’s it. For an alt-centric game where people may want to put an outfit on multiple characters - or even just having multiple colours available for a single character - it seems absurd that we’re hard-capped to just 2.

Please remove the limit - the cost is already the same as the Alar set as is. Why not allow people to get as many outfits as they want?


I should add that although it seems you can buy one per character, if I want to get multiple colours I cannot. There’s also the weird issue where the Ark Pass one is Roster bound and dyeable, but the shop one isn’t.

So not only do you only have one dyable outfit for an entire roster (which would be bound to the base class you claim on), but you also cannot get different versions for alts if you so desire.

thats not an issue, that is predatory monetization practice. Since Ark Pass can only be bought by real money.