Remove GS requirement of event vendor

Event vendor has decent rewards but can only access it once at appropriate GS. Feels like a lot of systems/restrictions in place are increasing the divide bt F2P and whales/full time players

At least let us purchase these mats/engravings so we have a bit of a catchup when we do reach t3…

Peace out


its a f2p game. if it has value, you aint getting it unless you play a ton. f2p players getting free stuff = bots getting free stuff

They listened. Nice.

Yea. I mean I could already buy everything but that is a really really good change that helps everyone that is not already T2 or T3.
Nicely done.

Except they botched it and only took the restriction off of engravings.

Pretty much… so i thought whatever, going to grind my ass off to make it to T3 before the week ends to get the weekly rewards… put in some serious hours, got there today… and then what happens… Miss 1 piece of Chaos gear to get 1300… BS restrictions are fun…