Remove Knowledge Transfer Limit

The limit of knowledge transfer should be removed so people that want to play many alts can do so without adding unnecessary grind. The system in place to skip already exists, and outside of the gold cost, the other punishment is losing out on the ‘rewards’ from properly doing the story. So for those of us who still don’t want to spend 2h running through talking to npc’s I feel that the x limit on the transfer is unnecessary.

Is there any insight on why the limit exists in the first place, knowing that it’s arguably better to always do the story anyways? Or hopefully another system that replaces this in other versions of the game later on?

TL;DR: If the system (Knowledge Transfer) exists, and already has plenty of downsides to using it, can we remove the hard limit on using it?

Thank you.


I don’t think hard limit should be removed because it is in place for people with amassed in game wealth not to roam with tons of alts


If they want they will do that anyways, since it only takes them 2h to do the story, but 8h for the knowledge transfers and you can only run type at a time anyways.

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I see the limit is there for people not to abuse or amass huge amount of alts in using it. Because i can play on my main all day and just knowledge transfer all my alts. knowledge transfer is more for people dont have enough time to play the game can just transfer and go to sleep or work and come back and play.

Knowledge transfer takes longer then it does to do the story missions by like x4 the amount of time though? and you can only do 1 alt at a time. So I don’t see how this would make it easier to have more alts its a lot slower.
Edit: Lets you do 1 alt per tier at a time*

I think you don’t really understand my post. This is what i see from perspective of the devs. They don’t want people solely rely on knowledge transfer because

  1. people will definitely abuse the crap out of it by making many alts with knowledge transfer while playing their main. They are trying to put a lot of things where there is both pros and cons. For example, if i go through the story line it takes less time, but if i use 20 alts on knowledge transfer it takes way less time than going through the storyline with 20 alts.
  2. they don’t want low level areas become a ghost town like WoW did.
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I understand your post entirely, I just disagree with your reasoning:

  1. It costs gold + you lose out on story rewards + you can only do 1 alt at a time per tier so it’s already inefficient to do so it’s not really abusable (I’m talking about removing the cap on just being able to knowledge transfer in general. As it is currently, for example, you can knowledge transfer to rohendel x2 then on a 3rd alt you have to play through the story in order to unlock knowledge transfer for your 4th alt. ontop of the 9 account wide limit?!)
  2. Since you can only do each alt anyways, this won’t matter much as it is. Because I doubt it would be used by that many more people due to point #1 anyways. People already don’t like using knowledge transfer and all guides suggest people don’t in the first place. There’s plenty of reasons not to, but for people who just don’t enjoy the story I feel the option should at least be there anyways.

Edit: There’s also a limited number of character slots, so if you want ‘more’ alts past a limit you have to pay anyways.

gold is easy to earn. as i said if they can do it without limit amount of characters knowledge transfer. people can just do over 6 alts at once per tier which out weighs the benefit of doing the storyline. The only thing i can say is simply increase the limit to 2-3 would be enough to weigh both are still good options.

Why do you care? You can’t even go past the limit atm (First character + 2 Powerpass + 9 Knownledge transfer and limit is 12), and we’re going to be getting powerpasses for new classes that probably go straight to 960 as the first one so it won’t matter.

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Yea I think in KR they get 3 chars into punika? So they get 3 more free chars for KT. So if they replay on one champ the story they can have instantly 8chars on a acc in t3?
(I’m not sure if it’s like this, just what I’ve heard).

The KT limit is literally the reason why I’ll only have 2 chars. I dread playing the story and definitely won’t. I’ve just accepted I won’t progress fast.
I just can’t deal with replaying all of that again. I gladly would wait 1 week for the KT to go through, but god I don’t want to play the story again on alts.


They can only do 1 alt per tier as it is atm. I was saying that I wanted the hard limit of 9 removed, and the pre-requisite that we needed to clear on other alts to unlock knowledge transfer to be re-unlocked to be removed.

Ideally: Keep the 1 per tier restriction, I guess (though honestly I wouldn’t mind if this was removed was well). And then remove the roster limit to the total amount of transfers.

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i think this is meant as a reply to the person above? otherwise i don’t quite get the point, but that would be pretty great. Still would want to knowledge transfer through feiton and not do that awful stealth mission again ever again though.

dang that would be great, I guess maybe i’ll end up deleting some of my alts based on what happens in the future just so I can skip through. I misunderstood how knowledge transfer was explained and tried to play as a few characters for fun, but yeah now that I know I have to go through the story again I’ve completely lost interest lol.

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Yeeeah… tbh I’d pay $100 to never have to do Feiton on any alt ever again. Really not a fan of the limits where you gotta do it manually once then get it “free” (pay a ton of gold) once, then you have to do it again yourself. It’s just unnecessary. We shouldn’t have to redo content we’ve already done once, it’s just a meaningless waste of time and really burns people out.


Well i have 3 alts, 2 of them with powerpasses and one with the transfer. And now i have problem with engravings for them. I need to go back with every of them to make missions for this engravings. Better start from sratch and make the missions, you will need the rewards. 900 Ilvl Sorcer with 0 reflux and 15 crit :smiley: That’s result from the transfer.

I wonder how you don’t have enough engravings. On my main I did the story + islands, and I was able to get class engravings for 3 alts, and the normal engravings had enough for quite a few blue/purples.

Regardless, buying low level engravings off the AH would probably be better for the auction house / economy anyways for people that want to skip that grind. And if not those quests are short little 1-2 mission type things, not the 2h repetitive ordeal that the main story is.

since i messed up 2 of my knowledge transfer and wasted them i also want more pls :slight_smile:

yeah definitely, I actually don’t mind the chaos dungeon and guardian raid stuff since it’s fairly fun and engaging enough, but just running around pressing ggggggggg nonstop to skip all the story we’ve already done on multiple characters is a flawed design in my opinion. If they are gonna make the process un-fun they could at least monetize it for us lol.


I sold my engravings from the islands and mission rewards. Most of them were tradable. I know big mistake. I have many rare one, but have 0 uncommon.

oof, if you delete those characters does it still count against the limit too? That’d be rough… sorry to hear. I at least didn’t mess up on mine, but I do enjoy some of the other characters, and just flat out refuse to play through feiton again lmao even if it was my favorite storyline so far