Remove Limit cap on AH/Market pls

Please let me make $$ selling accesseries ;( 20 limit not enough


bro how many access do you sell a day??? 40?

6x characters (tons of good QL accesseries) … books/materials …

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well that’s good for you, the limit cap that is for providing the bot for making money (lesser) so there’s nothing we can do at this point

I have THE solution to prevent bots making money, just stop the game, close all servers for ever so that nobody can play the game.
I mean, you can fight against bots, even if it is very tough, you can, but please, please, don’t make us pay for it.
We are your players, take care of us.

I 100% agree with OT, make it at least 40, i’m stacking valuable lvl 5 tripods because i can’t sell them because of the limit.That’s so annoying.
I prefer having bots making money than having to destroy my valuable items.
It is the solution they try that impact my gaming experience, not the bots themselves.

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if they want to make a limit, they should have it scale by a metric such as roster level, number of characters, or even ilvl tbh. A limit of 20 does not do much against bots and only hurts the majority of the player base (even the ones who don’t have as many things to list).

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I am selling every accs that cost more that 500g on more than 12 characters and i never had problems with slot limit. I think you hiding something from us.

You actually believe that? This change didn’t affect bots at all. They simply forgot they made this change and won’t revert it at all unless people make some noise.

you are only selling accs, ahah.Keep doing that please.

Btw, why did you come here to say that?

I love when you expose a problem you have, people often tend to say, " i have no problem".
Exemple: “I have a problem with my car” the guy replies “i have no problem with mine”, useless and pathetic egocentric comment.

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