Remove member capacity from guild level system

It’s so unnecessary and tedious to have member capacity in a guild, being controleld by the guild level.
It means we constantly have to monitor and move payers around, in the X amount of guilds we are forced to create and manage.


  • Let new guilds start with 100 member capacity.

The guild XP/Level system can still work with the other rewards from increasing guild level.
Just don’t make the game experience worse for no proper/good reason.

There should be enough time to fix that before release - Thanks.

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What a stupid idea this is to cut off the member capacity from the guilds level.

Then u have to wait a lit bit longer until every one can join your guild. But you will level faster with 30 member then a gild with just 5 or 10.

So… they have had this design implemented and working for the past 3 years and your “feedback” is that you think it’s unnecessary and tedious so it should be removed? KEKW


Im pleased to see that you actually managed to understand the message :wink:

To actually comment on your useless repsonse:

Yes, i think it’s a bad system. Guess you are the type who have a difficult time accepting that other people might not always share the same opinion as you.

Anyways - Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Quite the opposite friend :slight_smile:
I know exactly this is only an opinion and only that. But suggesting to remove something just because you have an opinion is almost presumptuous haha.

I would rather take this to the Discussion section and see if others agree with my opinion first, because, again, this system was designed and implemented for more than 3 years on KR.
You said this:

I’m pretty sure they have a good reason. :confused:

Edit: In my own opinion I feel like it’s a good system. Makes the Guild system a bit more fun and interesting, which, imo, is one of the few systems it lacks a bit of content or… something to be as interesting as most of the content is. Again, imo.

Well… We can always debate what a “Good/Bad” reason is, as that is very subjective.

They have said themselves in the past, that they would like to make a guild system overhaul at some point, as this topic has been brought up before in other versions of the game as well, along with other “concerns” about the system.

And I hope they make that overhaul tbh. Like I said, I think it’s one of the few systems that needs more content or something to make it more interesting. But I emphasize the more. Not less. But again, that’s just my opinion.

And I would definitely not ask for a feature removal 7 (or 10) days before launch just because I have an opinion and if I did want to provide feedback I would probably do it in a more constructive way and with a respect tone rather than an arrogant one.
I apologize for my passive-aggressive attitude towards your original post, but this thread is totally pointless and self-serving that I just couldn’t help myself. But again, I’m sorry.

Maybe this should be brought to General Discussion and everyone else can also give their opinion and have a proper talk about it?

Well, if they implement what OP suggests the Guild research will be useless. You know, I agree this is not ideal at the beginning but in the long run this will be a non issue I guess. This system appears to be like what is used in Warframe.

The Guild system is one of the resource syncs and I don’t know if it could be modified just like that. It hangs on a balance and as a f2p game, I can understand it’s existence.

“Remove leveling from progression system
It’s so unnecessary and tedious to have levels gate us from content
there should be enough time to fix that before release - thanks”

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The problem with removing member capacity from the guild level system is that that sort of change would have to come from Smilegate themselves. And that’s extra work and resources dedicated to making one change for one version of the game. Smilegate is not going to do that, especially when the current system has been in place and working in Korea, Russia, and Japan.