Remove, or shorten guild cool down / lock out

i have so many alts in so many dead guilds, and you prohibiting us from participating in the game’s core feature due to other players not logging in, not maintaining their guilds, is counter intuitive and harmful for the game. allow us to switch to more active guilds, more often. There are too many instances of my characters being locked out for extremely long periods of time from guild content, due to guild leaders not logging on for half a week, and the way you restrict players from leaving guilds encourages guilds to be more dead than they have to be.

if you did not have cool downs, or lock outs, we wouldn’t have so many dead guilds, we’d have more active guilds, with more players participating in guild content.

like your prohibitive and counter-intuitive and awful vote-kick system, you fundamentally restrict players from self moderating. dead guilds trap you, because you cannot leave, or else you will be locked out of content in the game.