Remove pheon from ability stone or

this is a total joke paying pheon for every single stone just remove this or allow to transfer stones from alt characters to main ,with out possibility to listed in AH .
This will not harm ah as u cant add them after transfer to ah so the boots cant abuse this.

Lol…so people can buy out all the stones one shot. Haha

agreed, all those people complaining about pheons are idiots who don’t understand the AH would become a reselling and monopoly game if pheons were removed, i could just as easily buy every single stone that works on a new class before release and dump 100+ of those stones day 1 for 10k each and dominate the whole market. stop complaining about pheon costs because if you manage 6 characters the amount of pheons needed is not really that big in the endgame . 750 for 6 character accessories + let’s say another 250 for stones is not game breaking.
having someone buyout all the accessories/stones then play monopoly god is game breaking however, especially with the amount of RMT players who can afford to buyout everything if pheon is removed



Have you ever noticed there is a trading limit outside of Pheons?
Your argument is so invalid I can’t even discribe it.


You think Pheons are stopping people from doing that right now? Without Pheons stones obviously would cost way more. Anyone who wants to buy them all out can do it right now already.

Clearly you’re among the people you berate if you don’t know that you can’t resell ability stones, as they are only tradable ONCE.

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what about Accs? Amulets?

The topic is about ability stones specifically.

Some extremely clueless people in this thread.

They don’t even know you can’t resell stones.

Then they have no clue that nothing is stopping the whales from buying out the store right now since pheons are practically gold.

Removing the pheons will make the sell price higher in gold but the buyer pays the same. Difference is that extra gold goes in the seller pocket not to the dev sink.

Which in turn is the only reason they will never remove it.

That’s funny, there’s also an group of people who thinks people like you who make the argument “pheons prevent flipping” are idiots as well.

I search the AH every day for a specific necklace. Almost always, I see people buying it at a cheap price and relisting it for almost double or sometimes triple the price. Huh? What’s that called again?

Indeed, as long as the trade limit allows it, people can and will flip items, especially if the pheon cost is a drop in the bucket of their potential profits. Thinking pheons exist to prevent flipping is straight up delusional.

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If they really wanted to prevent flipping, IMO, they should to some degree, Just make accessories a one time trade like ability stones.

9/10 times we buy accessories to use. Set it and forget it. I hardly resell my items and I bet most people are in the same group. Only market prowlers/stalkers and botters snipe items to flip and make gold.

im fully ok if stones become free to pass in roster, yes i like the 1k-3k gold when a good stone drops but would love to give it to an alt and not spend the extra pheons just to try and get 7/7

will this will suck for me as i like to sell old accs when i go up in tier to relic or when a better one drops i would be fine with this one time trade

I thought the same thing when I had legendary accessories and going to relic. But when I got there, the value of legendary accessories became a fraction of what it used to be worth.

The fact is, we won’t be gaining that value we spent back. Just a fraction of it at best.

But to entertain the idea of reselling: perhaps they should add a very long probational period before the buyer can resell an accessory, say 1, 2, or 3 months.

a yes, thats a given, even in relic, i just changed my neck and sold it for like 2k when it costed me like 10k when i bought it but as grandma said, better get something at all that not getting anything at all

Maybe for korea the pheon system is not great
but for us it is perfect because then atleast bots can not dominate all aspects of marketplace.
Bots would have every single combo setup and would buy all the cheap ones that come.

yea blabla u will say they can do it now but they don’t.
If you stop thinking of it as pheon and think of it as extra 4k then it’s no big deal. every accessory costs 4k + the price. It is more than reasonable since average gear is dirtcheap close to 0 gold and if u are buying high end for 50k per piece u don’t really care as much for the pheon cost. There are barely any downsides to pheons and few big upsides so stop whining about pheons, because if they remove pheons u will see what market will become and trust me it will be alot worse than it is right now.

Yeah cause a whale wouldnt be able to do such a thing, or anyone else with enough gold for that matter, its so sad that so many people dont understand simple economics like supply and demand. You’re probably a CFO of some company huh?

delusionall sheep

A perfect system where a corporation tax is 4000 times the price of the item, why I couldnt think of a better system.

How about its a corporate tax that forces f2p players to give their gold to whales concentrating all the resources of the game in the hands of a few?

Hear that guys lets trust this great visionary, clearly he knows whats he’s talking about and he’s shown it in this very topic, of coure the consequences of a free market in an mmo have never been tried before so we’re forced to rely on his expertize.

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