Remove pheons from legendary accesories

I ran out of pheons so I had to buy them using blue crystals (7000 gold).
I was planning on gearing my bard and I realized I had to pay 15k+ to get decent stats and engravings because they’re overpriced.
It would be nice if we could equip our alts and do content without losing all our gold because of pheons.


I just think they need to reduce how many pheons are used when purchasing accessories. I understand the “need” for pheons but when I pay for the aura it feels a bit shitty to have to pay to use the marketboard as well :frowning: blue crystals are insanely expensive right now.


don’t fall for their scam
last event didn’t give any pheons, and this event gives 9 a week
targeting the global honing patch where alts are pushed to 1370 to get legendary accessories
they are pushing you to spend money to get pheons
be patient

5 phoens for legendary would compute.

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personnaly i would just push to 1415 and make a more consistent long termes with relic accessories even if it’s more pheon per access you wont change them for long time

I’d argue right now is the WORSE time to gear those 1370 alts. The market on those items is RED HOT due to the number of people getting 1370s. The market on those items all jumped about 1000% from where they were pre-patch. If you have main and other alts at 1370, i’d say its probably better right now to play those and wait a few weeks for the market to cool off.

Especially supports as pass stuff usually brings a big influx of supports.
Buy busses for Argos and you should easily make 2x3 if not 3x3 with just those drops and just stay away from the market.

How is that even possible? I have bought accessories twice for my main (both relic quality) and 3x4 engravings accessories for x4 alts 1370-1430 and i still have 90 pheons left to spend. I have 2 more alts at 1340 but who cares about them right? I have bought 100 pheons with 850 blue crystals only once, when the price was low right before the bikini skins came out…

Are you trying to get gear for 10+ alts at the same time or something? Have you bought the pheons from amethyst shard trader? It is x125 pheons for free basically so if you haven’t already then do it?

When did you start playing LA? Because if it was 1-2 months ago then you have lost a lot of login rewards that include pheons.

Ok Wish Granted, now your accessories cost 1500g more. Same difference.