Remove pheons from NA

That’s it. that’s the post.

you have a cool username, respect

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and what about EU? Allways these americans thinking they own the world :wink:

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Good one

they never heard about the rest of the world as usual.

Nah…dont remove pheons. Whales will cleanup auction house day one. Plz use your brain plz man. Think a bit.

If you think someone with the purchasing power to buy out the market would be deterred by a negligible gold tax (yes, that’s what pheons are to the mega whales), you’re completely deluded my guy.

Pheons are, and will always be, a means to create demand for royal crystals so that whales can swipe for gold, any “market regulation” nonsense is just people coping hard and unable to grasp the reality that those with millions of gold can already flip the market as they please.

youre actually an air thief