Remove premades from co-op already!

It doesn’t even make sense when somehow competitive matches don’t allow premade, but co-ops do? It should be the opposite.

Anyone who has come up again a full guild premade already knows the outcome within the first 3 minutes of the match. It’s complete annihilation. Meanwhile, the guild, brilliantly I may add are farming coins of courage non-stop for hours on end and why shouldn’t they. They are taking advantage of the poor design decisions on the part of Smilegate/Amazon.

interesting never seen this hapen

Hmm comparing competitive to UNRANKED.

Pvp is dying in this game lets stop ppl from playing with thier guildies.

Dunno if you see but if you have PREMADE in enemy team 9/10 times your team will have higher rank what should technically ballance things out.

But lets assume you get what you want, we ban premade in coop, should we ban premade in 3v3? Well if being premade is such ADVENTAGE that makes you unable to lose clearlly 3v3 would be used to farm “precious” pvp coins, and I would even say that it would be way faster than coop.

Played coop in premade played it solo and in full stack, IT is rly never free win.

i just wana know whos fault they aint join a guild | have friends to go into pvp co op

Just wana know why i must be punish cause i wana play with my friends while u refuse to git gud

I personally stopped to play the co-op 2 months ago and will never touch it anymore. It’s pure garbage with the premade teams vs randoms. Just stop playing it. And PvP as a whole is almost dead. With this matchmaking (the worst i ever seen in any game with PvP) and 0 support from the SG i don’t see the bright future. Even the pvp vendor rewards are not so important anymore with the army of alts.

soooo u want me punished cause me n my friends want to play together?

no, there should be randoms vs randoms and premade vs premade, not mixed. Moba invented this 12 years ago.

so if there are 12 people pvping only my group is premade … u telling me i should be punished for wanting to play with my friends , while the groups enjoy their match making?

you will que and wait to play vs other premade team, what so strange. Why random people should be punished a?

hpw are u punished? is it me n my premade fault u dont have friends to play with? if no premade play for the time frame wie wana pvp then that means we dont get to pvp unless we suck up to your need for non premade deal …

differently how about u git gud l2p and deal vs premades !?

Are you trolling. This basic function is in every PvP game out there. Premades vs premades, randoms vs randoms!!! And in the same way, how you are punished??? What is your problem to wait to play vs other premade team. Or you feel superior to smash randoms with premades???

wat is ur problem to wait until u are able to make a premade and go in ? I dont wana wait n u dont wana git gud l2p vs premades…

one of us need to stop pvping n it sure aint me

well i stopped and i will never touch anymore this mode. Most people want fair environment and this is not. PvP is competitive part of every game, when there is no fairness usually pvp is dead. Because LoL, DOTA and CS has this basic matchmaking function they are popular.

Great let me continue playing against whatever i get premades or not… ion kare i dont care for fair when it comes to pvp … git gud or go home…

i would like to be get good in real PvP system where it’s matter. Go play vs what you want.

aint nothing fair in war son

i agree with OP, Premade should vs Premade. If you want to go in a group of 6 then they should be up against another group of 6. Likewise 2 Groups of 3 should be up against 2 other Groups of 3. COOP is a pain in the ass when solo queues are up against premades, just had a grp of 3 extremes in one team, total annihilation.

Must be talking about Fury. Have you ever seen those guys play outside of their full group?
It’s the only way they have a chance. Half the time they lose in their 6 man group.