Remove PvP entirely


please just remove PvP and swap the rewards to some any other than PvP.
MMR is trash, you lose points for ppl disconnecting on your team, so this mode has not even basics.

Thanks :slight_smile:


No thanks

The whole freaking game is trash.
Back attack as bonus when guardians are spinning around constantly and you’re more busy trying to get into position than attacking. Assholes no lifers that are buying gold, being toxic, grieving and a retarded ass support team that doesn’t even played the game and is in India.

Thankfully I quit some some days ago because beneath all the flashiness there’s nothing there.
Q4 can’t come fast enough (big mmo).

Imagine “quitting” a game and still lurking on the forums for said game to talk about it instead of just moving on with your life like normal people who stop using products do

Also to OP. No PvP needs some tweaking. Not be removed. Just get better.


I hate pvp and even i say no… lol

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A person needs to wait 5 days before their Amazon account is deleted.
Since you want to be coy and thought your reply was smart tell us what a normal person looks like. Better yet here’s a quote from a great hospital: have you ever seen a normal person?

Btw how are Amazon stock? :rofl:

Sounds like a lot of cope there Karen.

Here is your stock for the last 30 days alone. Stocks change all the time in price this is normal. But I guess you don’t understand how the stock market works.

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Thanks for confirming that you’re not the brightest bulb of the bunch. :rofl:
Also I’m male. :joy:

Smilegate will definitly remove pvp because steampeiron asked for it on eu/na forum ^^

hard agree. it’s a joke of a mode and a distraction.
filled with cheesers and hackers