Remove set times for GvE Raids

If a guild wants to summon their raid boss at 7pm on a Tuesday, 6am on a Sat or 11pm on a Friday that should be their perogative as they’ll know best when the bulk of their players are available to be online for a raid commitment.

I can understand PvP competitions needing set times to attempt to get as many people as possible online at the same time to better match make for GvG, but when it comes to GvE such as summoning summoning a raid boss for our Guild to vanquish, we should have full control of that.

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In addition, the UTC times are currently super unfriendly to NA players. Most of us are working during the eligible hours.


Agreed, this is horrible and ruins a lot of guilds fun.

I’ve monitored the time for Guild event,
4AM PT= UTC11AM not able to challenge
2PM PT=UTC9PM able to challenge
4:10PM PT=UTC11:10PM able to challenge
5:10PM PT= UTC00:10AM not able to challenge.
But the time says 11:00-20:20 for siege and 11:0-23:59 for Raid.
Doesn’t really match for both PT and UTC

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this is a pretty bad issue and I have also been trying to pay attention to it.
we managed to get in at like 12:40am pt and then on wensday we managed to do two enter base raids at 2 and 3 pm pt but on tuesday we couldnt do one at 3pm so it is really messed up.
GvG was completely buged last week so some guilds that did the pve one or managed to have enough people on at weird hours managed to get gold/exp ect where we got screwed.