Remove some super armors from noobblade

cmon, 4 super armors on a class with top tier mobility and damage? its like the devs are trolling.


Screenshot 2022-02-21 103314

see you tomorrow when another class curbstomps you and you’re back here crying :grin:


Majority of people making idiot comment like the one above me main deathblade. They don’t want to see their PrEcIoUs WaIFu get nerfed, because as of right now the 4 extra super armor abilities deathblade has is covering up for the lack of skill on their end.


My issue is the window of outplaying a blade is extremely small and if you make that critical mistake of getting hit once you’ll be half health. you can either bait skills or depending on your class have a Super armor fight, in my case i have to outplay them (striker main). “Getting good” only helps to a certain extent since if you DO out play a blade they’ll have 2 more super armor abilities to fix there mistake.


This is the problem with all super armor in the game. Every class needs to have the same amount. People keep saying l2p, watch guides, get good, it’s like a fighting game. Okay I understand the fight game comparison but if one character has multiple advantages and opportunities to fix their mistakes or ignore someone else’s entire tool kit, it’s a problem. If two equally skilled players are fighting and one is on deathblade and the other is playing any other melee in the game the deathblade is going to win.


haha exactly bro. these deathblade mains are all on the cope. its great.

they never have anything to contribute other than " git gud"


if it’s so ez just play deathblade

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No because I’m not a *****


No you’re right, you’re a whiny sh*tter who complains on the forums lol…

if you think deathblade has a lot of super armor look at how much gunlancer has, legit almost 100% uptime

i’d rather fight 3 deathblades than 1 gunlancer in 1’s

And you are a ***************************************************

mmmhmmm noobblade tears are yummy.

Not much PVP experience, but can say I think it’s not all black and white. I play Paladin and Blades feel super squishy to me regardless and my class has virtually no super armor and I’m constantly getting interrupted. But once I can pull my knocks off, I got them half health all the while having the buffs and shields with me as well. I’d say it’s balanced to me.

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Ppl don’t realize classes have different play styles. Blade has to be aggro at some point or he loses, pally plays defensive and baits blade into shit and it will die if done right

We only use two super armors. And both are easily avoidable?

i literally made a post about this then proceeded to make a deathblade easiest wins of my life gonna make a sorc next and just tell everyone l2p


it’s pretty easy against grade 20s in tdm i agree

Amazing how many bad opinions on this pvp forum

I find it hilarious everyone complaining about super armors of a squishy melee class that literally has to dive into hell in order to be effective, but doesn’t mention they still have more CC than we have useful super armors.

Also, every class that isn’t bard or paladin can wipe 50% of your HP if you make one mistake and they know what they are doing.

Stop acting like blade is some faceroll god. We have super armors because we need them and our damage is the same as every other non-support. Or would you rather we have less DPS than ranged classes, no way to get in close and get out without it being a suicide mission and less CC?

Blade isn’t even S tier in KR/RU.

deathblades are extremely squichy give deathblades more armor