Remove Supports from the Game

Having a support role is a complete failure
Support is less than 5% of the playerbase
What does this mean? We have pages and pages of parties who have overgeared dps, but can’t go into raid because they wait 1-2hrs for a support to show up
I have probably spent equal or even greater amount of time sitting in Party Finder than actually being in raid
Ain’t that crazy
All because one class type is OP and needs 0 investment, we all suffer hours waiting sometimes for nothing at all

Support needs a massive nerf
Just adding a support into a party increases the raw DPS to more than 5 players worth of DPS
Shielding allows people to further increase DPS by ignoring boss damage

Having 2 supports in raid means that you have atleast 10-12 chars worth of DPS in an 8 man raid
Isn’t this kind of broken considering you need 0 tripods, even 1 engraving, and easily obtainable proper stats?

Completely fk this class type so it is not a necessity in raids
Then maybe people can actually go into raid and have fun instead of wasting 100s of hours in lobby

Well, they already removing support from the forum.
So I guess maybe they’ll remove support from the game too.


90% of all statistics are made up too.

Supports are more than 5% of the player base. 1-2 hours for a support? I call BS.


Did you hear yourself talkin? Remove Supports? Do you live on the Moon?
Omg …

1-2 hours? I think you need some friends… Or are you off of these guys, who leave a party after one mistake? Then you deserve to wait 1-2 hours.

In our guild nearly everyone has 2 supports as twinks in clown range. We never have the issue…

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Haha who is waiting 1-2 hours for a support…

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Friend. Play a support.


wow, how can u play this game and absolutely miss that point!? u do not need supports in this game xD supports are only a nice-to-have, a quality of life. nothing more, nothing less! if you need supports for the content rn then there is only 1 solution: git gud.

Or you can make 3 support classes as alts and help.

The only thing that looks like got removed is your brain but anyway… Solution for it is simpler as creating your own lobby full DPS… But I’m almost sure you’re one of those who will take all Boss skills, spend all the potions and die miserable because of no supports, then rage quit and blame your party. That is the only reason for you to be trying to pug other lobbies waiting for sup instead of creating your own full dps lobby…

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That’s a lot of projection lol
You good?

LMAO! Perfect

I whish that was true on that Argos acid rain. That’s just constant disgusting, unavoidable damage. :rofl:

With everyone on 1370, that shit is real. Given the hectic and random nature of boss patterns and the shit show of those fire seeds on phase 3, the poisonous cloud seeds and the acid rain, good luck on clearing Argos 1370 with no supports on a >PUG< environment. Either you play aggressive and take hits, and hope it’s not enough hits for a wipe, or play safe enough and pray you’ll not hit enrage. It’s pretty strange the game design in Lost Ark. There should be a lot more supports in this game and a bit more effective healing, constant and ready to use/apply shields.

I’m not gonna lie that Pally and Artist are just bad jokes close to Bard. Fucking 25% healing with no effort whatsoever, just for basic class engraving.

Now, Pally just heals for 8% on a bad tripod that increases CD by 10s. Not a valid trade off. Also, the good second tripod is the one thar makes your shield dissipate earlier, for more shield. Also not a nice trade off. And I’m not even not gonna talk about that peanut regen that I don’t dare to call it healing on blessed aura… :roll_eyes:

Artist is not here yet, but for what I’ve seen, you need to interact with it’s bubble for heals. Not only that, she also need to hit allies with her skills… What the actual f! Not surprised Artist is the least popular class in Kr.

arhhh… this reminds me of my mystic in tera… i need to keep telling people to grab my balls for them to heal themself.

luckily unlike tera its not a mass of balls on the floor but just a singular big one thinking about tera reminds me of the good days pvping a mystic was reasonable but my god a priest was cancer if you gave them a inch they insta heal to full and youre back to sqaure one

says the guy that came here begging for supports to be removed because they’re supposedly “useless” ROFL

As a support main i find it funny that you hate the role due to it not being YOUR preferred role and is needed across most MMOs AND games in general.

To OP… You’re delusional instead of removing supports make more support classes, Make it more fun, Make it do dmg, Make it cheaper for EVERYONE to make, its not cheap, its not easy (for a good one with a brain to come along), Give a powerpass to JUST paladadins/bards… SO many option but removing it because you’re bad and need healing? LUL

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Completely fk this class type so it is not a necessity in raids

I got good news for you, becasue supports arent needed at all. Maybe you should join or make a “LF any” group they dont care and only go with first come first serve.

Because then its the OTHER dps fault that OP can’t clear the raid in a reasonable time… It’s everyone BUT OP’s fault if he cant do the content he wants exactly when he wants and how he wants. Duh…