Remove T3 Chaos Gear Lock - Stuck between T2 and T3

After completing Punika and unlocking T3 Chaos Dungeons, I attempted both my runs for the day and managed to get every piece except my pants. I now am unable to progress in any content thats available to T3 as they are all 1302 iLvl locked, and I can’t do T2 content as its provides no benefits.

T3 gear is untradeable and un-auctionable, so now I’m forced to log off the game because I can’t do any of the content that I would like to do. Please make T3 gear tradeable or make the materials from depleted chaos dungeons tradeable for a single piece of gear. I see other posts about people having the same issue and being forced to limit their T3 content to 2 chaos dungeons a day attempting their luck at 1 piece of gear.


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Welcome to the endgame. I hope your rushing was fun


Didn’t really rush and I’ve enjoyed the game none the less. We all enjoy the game in difference paces. I personally enjoy min-maxing everything.

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you can’t do the chaos dungeon again tomorrow you mean?

More like missing weekly lockout. Being locked out puts players further behind because of hard rng that has 0 ways of remedy.

To all the people such as Garvin90, please understand people actually have fun “rushing”. So for you to just mock people is just a poor state of mind.

Yeah, but the main issue is that there’s nothing else in terms of T3 content because I’m now stuck until I can run that chaos dungeon again, and nothing guarantees that I’ll be getting my full set.

Ah, I understand then. Didn’t think about the weekly lockout issue. I reached t3 yesterday but exhausted my chaos aura already to get there, so sort of in the same boat I guess.