Remove the 3 day waiting period for old spenders

Why are players punished by this when they have been spending since game launch? Can you enable a feature or something to request this to be removed?


It’s actually so dumb they didn’t think of this.

Or at least allow roster transfer. Bikini Bard is set, but now Destroyer has to wait for inflatable hammer :cry:

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I don’t think they can do this because I believe part of the motivation was to stop people from using hacked accounts to perform fraud. Just because you are an “old spender” doesn’t mean there is no risk. If they did this, hackers would just target the “old spender” with their hacks to work around the restriction.

I don’t mean to come off as rude, just providing some insight into why they may not be able to do this. Enjoy the summer stuff!

This just motivates RMT more than ever

I had similar concerns. I think a lot of people swipe to rage hone when they fail or when a much needed item hits the auction house and they are a bit short. This new policy is going to drastically reduce this type of FOMO transaction and drive people that are flipping out to take the only road to instant gold they have, RMT.

Even worse, I don’t know what the math is exactly, but it looks like they drastically reduced the daily spending limit on accounts, I cannot even buy all the skins I want tonight because it just told me I couldn’t buy more RC after buying <= $200 today.

It´s not even rage honing, it’s spending money and not getting what you just paid for. Like going to a bar, buying food and being told that you’ll get your meal in 3 days.

They better implement something or people will RMT more than ever, they even let you have the gold and just watch it while you can’t use it. It’s horrible.

I feel you 100%, I went out of my way last night to currency exchange into a stack of gold so that I wouldn’t get roadblocked today. I wish I realized they were going to crush the limit on RC too or I would have swiped in advance lol

Good thoughts, I feel your frustration!

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My guess is AGS are afraid of people hacking/stealing accounts and 3 days wait might help with that a bit.

From what I can guess, its more targeted at people using either stolen credit cards or just doing chargebacks on a dump account and transferring the gold off beforehand.

E: Not agreeing with the change, just guessing on reasoning.

This 3 days delay is such a pain in the ass. I’ve spent around 1k dollars in this game already. Today I swiped to push my arcana, but have to wait 3 days…this is terrible.

Oh yeah that’s definately why, but again regular users are punished to combat hackers and bots.

RC prices went from 400 → 600+ now. I am not sure what this accomplish at all for the players. If the concern is the charge back, why not just apply it directly to 7 days old account instead?

Anything would be better than this right now.