Remove the block player limit

i understand gold sellers are gonna be in these games but at least let us have enough space to block them from chat if you guys are not going to ban them. there is currently a 100 player limit on blocking players i hit the limit reporting gold sellers in just 3 days now my chat is flooded non stop again

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Right now theres no way it will be bigger as mentioned in several threads before (even commented from our mods)

If you blocked people you can delete them on the next day cause they are gone after 24 hours so just open up your space with deleting

I want to know why the people in charge would think that 100 “players” block limit would be enough when we have THOUSANDS of bots not only spamming their adverts but not whispering them and mailing them also? What the hell are they thinking? It does not make sense… We need a way to block as many as we need to block, or for the people in charge to solve the very NOTICEABLE bot problem. Offering no solution is just ridiculous!