Remove the count down timer in Chaos Dungeon

So far I haven’t had any failing attempts on chaos dungeons other than being disconnected from the server.
Does AGS or Smile Gate have some data on this? How many ppl actually fail chaos dungeons?
If the the % is almost neglectable could we just remove the timer?
It’s a bit frustrating when disconnection happens during chaos dungeon as the system does not issue tickets for failed dungeon due to disconnection because the timer.




I actually failed it once, was too drunk and slept midway, only that time.


I had the screen frozen while I was doing it. Until I came back. He came back but the timer ran out and I could not do anything

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They should really remove the timer when you’re soloing Chaos Dungeon. My biggest fear whenever I do Chaos Dungeon is the random disconnects. Once you disconnect, the game boot you out entirely and it took 3-4 minutes to load back in with an SSD. It’s just unnecessary stress for something that should be relaxing.


totally same situation
it’s not like the game reload quickly, the EAC takes at least a min or two to scan files
even when my network is back on there’s no way to make it back in time.

Please for the love of god

it’s probably there to stop people abusing death to afk. even so i think it’s reasonable to extend the timer to 15-30 minutes

I failed once on my paladin at a red portal boss. I dashed out barely any damage and the boss was dodging randomly left and right (especially my ults) and spammed knock-ups. Wasnt a pleasant experience. Since then I only match make on him and usually my groups have 2-3 other supports.

Or add a reconnect system.

Why would they? You can AFK after entering portal. I spend on average like 5 mins in AFK after entering portal looking for something else to watch on YT every time I do Chaos on my alts…

I almost ran out of time in Red Portal trying to kill Boss with my under geared T2 Bard…

because dying repeatedly probably stops the afk timer from going off

as a comment above says, i think the best would be a reconnection system.

well… literally speaking u can’t be under geared coz there’s a gear requirement
maybe change up the skills a bit and bring the DPS awakening that will help

bard is my 2nd favor class for chaos aside from gunlancer
i just don’t wanna use pots or repairs for chaos lolz