Remove the frog!

It’s the root of all evil.
Or make everything rooster limited.


Frog is not the problem. Them implementing everything full of bugs is what the problem is AND as always if you were an early bird you get to have a huge discount on a ton of mats. Others can’t buy books this week and the compensation is a bit of silver, some battle items and a legendary book which is useless if you don’t have multiple classes or you have already bought your legendary that you need. Meanwhile some got 1280 leaps for half a price.

Thing is it wasn’t a bug or unintended. They made the initial chest roster bound, then the chests inside roster bound as well. That doesn’t happen by accident.

Sure it was an oversight and some exec got butthurt when they all saw the posts people bragging about buying it on 6-24 chars and saving it for artist/new express char.


Imo, even char bound is kinda unfair. Or unbalanced.


Especially if we consider how this is the second appearance for the frog, with the exact same rewards.
Only new addition is the coin,
So they managed to mess this up while using ctrl+c ctrl+v

It’s not meant to be balanced it’s meant to burn gold so blue crystal and acc/gem prices go down.

LOL you seriously think it went down because “gold” on Day 1 of the event was gone because of the weekly raids… all 6 characters just finished raiding on day 1 and bought all gold from Turtle… LOL

Do you really want to know why the Blue Crystals went down? It’s because it is the end of Hyper Express Event. No new characters boosted there is no demand for pheons. That and accessories got cheaper pheon wise.

Right must be why blue crystals started going back up after people started doing their legion raids because demand was obviously going down as a result of hyper express ending…surely.

Boinkboink back at it again with the black mold brain rot.


LOL I actually feel bad for you guys listening to a whale talking about “inflation” in a game.

The blue crystals accommodate the average honing/cost of engravings. No whale or spender will ask how much the bots make or how much YOU make. Do you understand this?

One day you figure out how the economy in this game works like every MMOs.

By your black mold logic blue crystal prices shouldn’t go down next week at reset as a result of books/chests being purchasable again right?

See you at reset.


I was not aware of the stuffs that happened to the Frog tbh. I didn’t get to exploit the bug. But it’s like whatever. The next day when I woke up- we got some free compensation. All thanks to you guys. Gj, now it’s time to touch some grass. :+1:

LOL you think that blue crystals suddenly went down ON DAY 1 of the event shows your incapability to understand what you are persisting that exists.

If the gold that you make per week is the cause of the BC increase, why did it go down on DAY 1 when hardly anyone finished their gold roster on DAY 1. In fact it was steadily going down when the introduced the Pheon decrease.

I am certain you just heard this garbage online and claimed you know something about the economy in this game.

Talking about black mold make sure to clean your room.

So it wont go down on reset.

I’m always proven right by time. So lets end the discussion here and come back on reset.

I’ve been playing the game since release So I know exactly how the economy works. My predictions are over 80% accurate at this point. But all this is pointless reset it is.

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From Day 1 on forward the price of Blue Gems is going down. This is after they discontinued the “gold sink” you claim. Also on Day 1 not everyone finished their gold roster and highly unlikely it is the source of the BC decline.

Could the explanation be that there are no more players pushing Hyper Express Event? Does it mean fewer Pheons consumption?

Why would it not continue to go down in pricing? Do a little math Mr. moldy where you get your information on Twitch please.

Notice how it started going down on the date that the frog is announced to be coming back.

What region is this?


You can hover on the week.

The “gold sink” started this week, on WEDNESDAY, right? I assume you have some form of critical thinking so I used this week as an example. You can change the values if you want to look at all the BC pricing.

The blue crystals were declining on MONDAY February 6th. The event was on Wednesday.

This is NA-W pricing.

No the frog have never been roaster bound in KR or any other version .

Stop grasping at straw.

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Yes I just checked out the bigger model. Seems like hyper express was not the cause of Price increase/decrease in NAWEST. Rather it was caused by the bots being banned and people finally getting their brel weapon.

Hyper express would not have been the cause of blue crystals going up if you look at the graph when hyper express was released crystal prices didn’t change much even on launch day/week.

This rules out hyper express as a factor for blue crystal prices this week.

And yes people pushing can cause it to go up I agree but to say the frog has no impact is asinine.

O god you had to talk about inflation didn’t you now your gonna get the ted talk of your lyfe.


The bots were banned 2 weeks prior. The captcha didn’t change jack’s squat about the BC pricing.

Again if you are selling Blue Crystals do you ask the bots or another player how much gold they make? THINK ABOUT IT.

I never said the frog has no impact. But then again if you actually play smarter you can hold on to those engravings and sell them at a higher pricing. You actually make more gold if you play smarter.