Remove the frog!

Bots were not banned 2 weeks prior We had the major bot ban in January and hyper express was mid December.

Now you are making stuff up.

Hyper Express Event was in November.

Brelshaza was in December.

Massive bans were on January 11th.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 165943

Green means it is going up.

What massive ban in February?

Oh I forgot hyper express came with reaper. Looks like hyper express release made blue crystal drop?

There was a massive bot ban in January, and January is when most whales got their brel weapon.

Royal Crystals was on sale in November. Blue Crystal bundle sales? November is also more likely for people to get money with bonuses. So they can take advantage of the Black Friday sale?

Yeah, more cheap blue crystals = cheap gold/bc?

None of you what you said about “gold sink” with Frog. No whales or spender will take the time to ask a bot user or you and I how much gold we make. They base on the pricing, how many are selling (You can tell the difference between NA-E the streamer channel compare to other channels), and what item or progression they are trying to get from it. No whale will place their BC for 250 gold when they are tapping gear for 500 gold per tap.

The pricing of Blue Crystals went up starting on Brelshaza. Guess what it is? higher gold requirement Brel gear per tap, pheons for bracelets rolls.

Do you even play the game? Theyre not the same rewards outside of the random engraving pouch [besides adding the coin] and the lucky pouch.

The material pouches arent even close to the same as last time.

Do you seriously believe there is inflation in this game?

I have shown you the graphs it doesn’t even represent any of the numbers twitch viewers are clamoring about inflation.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

THe whole inflation talk started from Zealsambition yeah he clearly knows how the market works after spending thousands to get the progression he needs…

Can we close this post?

Happy ONE YEAR anniversary, here a little bug for you so you have something to remember it by, so ironic, you just have to love how incompetent they are.

Man, we trippin, cappin, hittin the bong and wil’in out up in here


Yeah the 1 Year Anniversary hit me hard 58k Gold for Twinkle Twinkle Chests and a shipload of mats from all alts transfered to my Main! Spent 58k Gold and got mats for almost 700k :slight_smile: thats a good gold sink need it every week :slight_smile: 60x3 Chests of all is soooo delicious :slight_smile: need that every week :slight_smile:

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Lol dev actually deleted my posts, so no point in leaving this one unedited here with no context.

Also a little explanation to simplify the situation for pple that kinda dont get it .

Lets say you go to a grocery store to buy 10 carrots, there is a freaking discount on the carrots, 80% off today.
You get your carrots like every1 else, get to the register, put your carrots on the counter and here comes to manger, sas that you cant buy carrots today, but you can buy tomorrow, but only 1 carrot for you, after pple around your bought 10.

Now tell me what would you do in that situation, kinda explains what pple that didnt get there carrots are kinda angry.

Maybe they just need a Lolly Pop :slight_smile: To be happy again.

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:frog: has denied your request. Praise :frog:!

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Pple seem to forget that its so ezy to check past posts on pple that post on forums and you instantly see what kind of forum warriors you are dealing with.
Like kids nowdays dono that what you post online stays there online.

Not the ones who didn’t buy but some who didn’t eat them.

I hope you didn’t or won’t pity much.

The frog is meant to balance the market more than anything and its defiantly doing its job pretty good imo people that are crying they didnt get the mats and put them in their roster storage and literally haters that they just did not get to do the same and calling people exploiters which is very ironic imo

Regardless of if you did or didn’t and that it’s just a game (for most) after all, does it feel right to you?

feels right to me in what way? buy the mats on chars you need to hone or planning to hone for the next 4-5 WEEKS that’s enough to push big iLVLs buy book engravings save them if you want or open and sell if you want your tokens use them as you wish what else doesn’t feel right? people that logged in early and read the msg written on the chest ROSTER BOUND and were saving up for the frog went and bought everything ? yes this feels a like right to me aswell anyone would do it a