Remove the leaving and joining new guild penalty

I’m not sure what your idea of putting this penalty is, but it doesn’t seem to serve any good purpose, at least from an active player point of view.

The problem with the leaving-joining new guild penalty occurs when we players are trying to find a new active guild to do raids with. But we find out that the guild isn’t active or perhaps have a suitable raid schedule for us. So we want to leave and search for a more suitable guild. Having us wait for 3, 5, 8+ days is ridiculous.

Please consider removing this penalty.


It’s to prevent people from abusing the guild shop in any particular way. It blows, but that’s why.

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Uh maybe I missed the memo, but how does a random person using your guild shop harm the guild?

If anything, just put a 1-2 day probation AT MOST. But 8 days? This is a joke right?

Just artificial bloodstone acquisition/usage by accessing multiple guild’s shops and GvEs as well as being a cheaper way to whale for mats potentially. There’s a lot of ways to abuse bloodstones if there’s no penalty for leaving a guild. It does revert to 24 hours after a certain amount of time, but they want you to stick with the guild, not jump around, and the main reason why is because of the guild bloodstone shops. It’s not gonna make it feel any better, and I agree that it feels bad having to wait over a week to rejoin a guild, but it is, unfortunately, an abuse-able system otherewise.

Why don’t they put a restriction on the person to use the guild shop then, instead of a restriction to joining new guild?

There are many ways to circumvent this abuse. I am willing to wager that there are many players out there who are jumping around guilds not because they want to abuse the bloodstone, but rather find a guild with a suitable raid schedule and group that’s to their liking.

I think the game design is outdated, not well thought-out here.


I agree. There’s a lot of outdated things in this game, guild design is certainly one of them.


If you want to join a guild for raids, its probably better to join their discord (or similar) beforehand and I guess you can see or ask for their schedule there.

Sometimes the discord is not there or posted. But regardless, I just can’t stand to see a poorly thought out idea to prevent people from potentially abusing bloodstone.

I agree especially since we already have the „new member“ status which denies the guild member to participate for 3 days…

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I agree this is really stupid restriction and should be looked up

I never left my guild, I genuinely assumed that bloodstones get deleted when you leave. Many others games do it that way so I kinda have ptsd in that department. XD

they don’t they are character possesion. You keep them. But the argument that this is a reason is unbased and one has to be quite stupid to even consider it.

Every other game prevents this simply by no being able to use a shop/events/activities the first week after joining. Doesn’t need to prevent you joining.

Fun fact, LA does the exact same thing, the mechanism is there already.

Yet it imposes another penalty that:

  1. doesn’t prevent you from using shop/events at all
  2. doesn’t matter as purchases/events are per character per week no matter guild, so switching won’t get you much help
  3. any other weird abuses are not prevented with this

The only reason I can hardly think of is to force people to choose and take it more seriously, then just “I will try for few hours how it goes and then leave and try the next”. In an attempt to boost communities or something.

I’ve always belived it’s something to do with KR nature that doesn’t apply to us. As it’s awful design in the end from any side I look at it.

If they truly think this will prevent people from leaving, they’re sadly mistaken. When people want to leave, they WILL leave a guild regardless. It’s like trying to keep a relationship going when the one you’re dating already has her heart set on exiting. Good luck with that!

I’ve always belived it’s something to do with KR nature that doesn’t apply to us. As it’s awful design in the end from any side I look at it.

Well said, 100% agree. I don’t see how this mechanic does anything but lock us into guild we don’t want to be in longer. Let people be free to explore and roam around until they find a suitable guild that they truly want to stay in. That’s freedom and that’s a good life.

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not about “leaving”. It should make you think twice before “entering” a guild.

There are constantly 2 people/day wanting to join our guild. Despite it clearly say we are national guild while they are not. They do it even after we had to go the “mail us before joining” road.

That’s how much research people do before “swearing their allegiance” :slight_smile:

It’s a very negative trend. I see the same on Steam. “Here, take money. What did I buy? A race game? I though it’s like Doom. Refund.”

This practically tells you: “yes, you can refund, but only 3 times per month”.

As I said, that’s the only remote reason I could come with.

It’s worse than most realize. Everyone says the penalty resets after you’ve been in a guild for 30 days. I’ve confirmed with support that it NEVER resets. My last penalty was 16 days. If I leave a guild again, I’ll have to wait 30 days. Doesn’t matter if I stay in this guild for a year or longer. I’ll have to wait 30 days.

The sad thing is, this will more than likely never change. While there are differences between the KR release and this release, I’m guessing that there’s a cost associated to each difference. I doubt they will pay to fix this for our version of the game. I mean we still get a notice every day that the crystalline title is new.

16 days is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, a 3 day penalty is bad enough and should be AT MOST if they choose to continue with this idiotic idea.

Maybe I miss the memo, but why do the KR need this guild leaving penalty mech to begin with?

Great question! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an official answer, only assumptions.