Remove under ilvl gold

adds extra gold into the economy, if someone can’t do hm vykas then they couoldn’t get the gold.
i think changing the matts over from hm and making another difficuilty for the relic matts and leaving the gold the same as normal would be a decent compramise. so you can make relic gear pre hardmode.
this would stop gate keeping lower lvls/new people into hm and the people who cannot do hm don’t spawn in extra gold then should be in the economy.
At the end of the day spawning in endless gold will only screw newer players as they try and join the game later on.

This is irrelevant as it relies on the assumption that every 1460 who takes a bus is unable to clear Vykas HM to generate that gold, which is completely untrue.

Can you elaborate on this? It seems like a volatile yet interesting idea.

The ones who get screwed by the lack of “carries/busses” are the players who meet the requirements and are able to clear the content but are refused entry due to gatekeeping and whose profiles are not flashy enough to garner a decent group when they make their own. This is more impactful than a bit of extra gold in the economy that would have been there regardless if those players cleared the content themselves and didn’t get carried.

i haven’t got much to add, tbh the logistics and the general implementation of this would be a nightmare.

busses removes players from the “pool” of players, meaning the only ones playing the content are the flasher players remove aload of non “flashy” players and all you get left with is elitest. this is why it has a massive effect on playability.


If buses weren’t a thing you would still be getting bussed in your normal runs, only it would be free and the busser wouldnt be paid.

You really think you are contributing when the 2 1475s are doing 80% of the damage?

I bus 8 Argos and 6/2 Vykas HM/NM every week along with as many Valtans as possible. It’s a very decent amount of extra gold I could earn so please don’t take that away from me. Btw, don’t think bussing is that much of a deal as you can always make ur own group or push yourself to compete with other drivers. Please don’t deny something just bc you am less competent to take part/advantage from it lol.

I would personally suggest you to improve your skills/ efficiency by learning from legit gamers like Kitingishard.:sweat_smile:

They aren’t removing bussing, it exists all the way up to normal abrel, and will continue to do so the more people can gear. Bussing also isn’t against the rules or ToS in any way and just helps people with alts in an alt based game complete weekly content they otherwise wouldn’t be able to complete. It has 0 affect on the economy and isn’t killing the game at all. If anything bussing is just helping people bring their alts up through content to be closer to their mains making more people available for content in other words making the game better.

Eh it takes 3 people to bus Kuku, that means bussing circus will cost 6-9k the first few weeks.

Unironically if people didnt ask you to have cleared Valtan 10 times to run Valtan, they would actually find people to successfully clear it with. But they dont. I see normal mode lobbies that ask you to have the title to join their party, we also saw one on the forums recently who found it odd people didnt join his normal mode valtan - cause he had as requirment “have valtan title” KEKW

Gatekeeping pushes people to bussing.

Its an alt based game, having at least 1 alt to valtan hm means you already have the title long ago. It’s not a very difficult requirement to meet.

No but for a new player its unreasonable lmao.
I personally dont care, i dont raid alone so i wont deal with unreasonable requirments.

In the case of a new player they should just make their own group and label it learning party, people will join regardless and the new player would have to learn anyway

I’m not a fan of busing in general, but I don’t really care. It’s there, that’s it. Btw, I tried one time with an alt, and I was scammed with 2k gold. So, that’s about it :slight_smile:

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