Removed Face Presets? Possible addition?

I was trying to transfer a KR preset but it changed to one of the default presets. I found out that it was because the face in the preset does not exist in our version. Is it possible to add in the missing presets? I saw a post that it was not possible to as there is a limitation to the character customization, but other replies has shown there is no limitation. I would greatly appreciate the missing presets to be added into the game.


Some face presets from KR will be ruined, you can thank AGS for it, and no there should be 0 limitations. If there are then I highly doubt SG’s ability to code anything.

One of the decent preset faces for female fighter RIP, and there were barely any before as well. (Personal taste ofc)


same with Mage, lost the face i wanted to use from my own KR character.
Good shit AGS :x

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Hope they come back. It’s pretty clear it’s possible especially since they continue to bring out new hairstyles.

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The korean presets we replaced for “more inclusive” presets because amazon never heard that colour changing via skin menu was a thing.


i agree, they could have expanded on the skin tones and added more.
No clue why we had to lose on presets.