Removing 'common methods that bots use to generate Gold'

they will never replace anything with pheons, because that is their main revenue

you remove una gold then where do new ppl will get any meaningful money?
or just average ppl who dont play with 6 char 24/7
they can stick the pheons up their asses without gold lol
just saying removing una gold is probably the worst idea ever without putting that gold elsewhere


Get this perfect solution fallacy bullshit out of here. All methods bots use to earn gold are legitimate methods for AGS to consider. Removing one method at a time rather than fixing the problem entirely in one swoop doesn’t invalidate the progress.

Accept the step in the right direction, and stfu.


I mean una’s already give roughly 20 pheons a week depending on the server.

No… because Una’s tasks is the only way I earn gold in the game…


We decided to remove some of the common methods used by bots to help prevent them from being as effective early on; many of our core players have already obtained this gold or moved past relying on these methods so this made sense in terms of not over-impacting real players. When it comes to Una’s Tasks, these are a source of gold for both bots and players included, however they are much more widely used by regular players to earn gold in the game and we do not want to take that away from players.


Just make things not tradable in the early level content because you just want to reach T3 content and do the higher raids that should provide all the gold that bots wont be able to do. (outside of bus runs).

Provide more character bound/roster bound upgrading materials instead of pure gold is the right decision since that gold will most likely be used for upgrading anyways from T1-T3. Una tasks should not give gold easily under 1370 and instead give upgrading materials to pass the threshhold where bots usually farm for una tasks.

Replace UNA gold with pheons


Yea no thanks unless it is 1:1 as in 1 pheon for every 1 gold


yeah, who cares about new players, right? target has always been “core players” heavy spenders.

this has zero effect on bots, they can still do unas and other stuff by the hundreds of thousands. It’s only affecting all the real players. this change has been made to dry any new player from gold sources and rely on swiping for gold (no rapport gold, zero gold from express, and low supply of free pheons) while in other regions these were made specifically to help them hone and get accessories.


All you did is make it harder for new players, as with every change made in the past to combat bots. People have tested that and the new player experience is horrible.

No new players > game will die out and its already showing how everything went the last couple months.

It’s almost like your team is deliberately trying to ruin LA.

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the gold amount from rapports and how long it takes to collect it all was already insane, by the time any new player started doing rapports, they would be making more gold than the total from rapports.

Plus honing up to 1370 essentially only costs silver and not gold.

They wont be impacted as much as people think

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Can you give us blue crystals instead of gold for the unas reward? :slight_smile: You can’t sell BC and they are just pretty valuable. Just thought I’d mention it.

Y’know what, this is the first time I’m going to do this


Please pass this feedback on for me

Una’s gold should be changed be put into a “holding” status like the 3-day hold but permanent

Una’s gold at that point can only be used for:

  • Honing
  • Quality Upgrades
  • Stones of Chaos for Quality Upgrades
  • Stronghold Crafting/Researching

This allows new players to still get gold to help them at the beginning (Honing and Stronghold Crafting/Researching) and also allows veterans to use their gold for other things as well (Quality Upgrades and Stones of Chaos)

Both parties are able to use this gold to help themselves grow and it just turns into a sink that doesn’t get distributed at all

Making the hold permanent also puts it into a “pool” where that amount can grow if you don’t use it, however it will get used first just like the 3-day gold does before your “non-held” gold

The only thing the gold can’t be used for is the AH, however you can use your other “non-held” gold sources for that

This may upset a very small part of the population, however this change in general would benefit the players without too many hinderances and keep the bots from adding this gold even further into the economy

I’ve sat on this idea for a while and I hope this comes to fruition to help the game overall


These 4k gold a week from Una Tasks are worthless af regarding inflation we currently have. So it might be actual good idea to change it into something else, like honing mats

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What am I going to do with Pheons?
I haven’t used many of mine yet… I still have most of mine and only use them sometimes… And no, I don’t buy a lot in the market.

So NO… I make gold with Una’s tasks…my main source of gold.


No thank you.

A little from here, a little from there, it all adds up.

Rapport gold removed, hyperexpress gold removed, low supply of free pheons from login rewards, events…etc.

A new player get to 1370, where does he get his accessories from? oh right, buy a carry or join no bid oreha, what an absolutely fantastic way to play the game as a new player.

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The amount of gold we get from Una is really not that great, it’s only good for bots because they have thousands of accounts doing it.

My highest character is 1490 and I get what, 3500-4000 a week? That’s nothing.

i do agree we need better event rewards for everyone.

this has already been the case for a long time, wether rapport gold was here or not.