Removing completion gate lock on Legion Raids

Well, as the title says, there could be an idea of letting the entrance free of tickets ir order to find parties or play with friends who already did it.

Why? because there is no parties with supports and you gotta be 3hs +/- on the wait, this make the game impossible for casual players and semi try ones.

It would provoke carrying groups charging for gates, supports charging for their time and so… but, whats the problem with it? if you are support you deserve to get more gold than the rest cause you are providing something neccesary which almost nobody does.

This way you get rid of the support problem, everyone can do all gates with no problems, no more 3hs waiting room and everybody is happy.
There will only be in-game gold transactions.

Good copium, but will never happen, sorry
Soon CM will come and say something like we’ll pass your idea to the dev team, but deep inside, all of us know, unless Korea implements this into their region, we will never get it otherwise


I know it sounds completely copium but hey, not bad idea right? the way it is right now makes it unplayable :tired_face:

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If they allow it. Elits will get lots and lots of gold from BUSsing.

Also, there will be players who will get more lazy and wont do effort on doing the mechanics.


1st Whats the problem with them getting lots of gold? they wont change the economy of the game and wont harm the playtime for us either.

2nd Why do you care if other people wont effort on doing mechanics? if they want to pay to get bussed on a game that completely relies on legion raids, they are losing all the fun not you.
Plus, it means more cash earned for AGS through game store, assuming RMTers are under control by them.

It’s a win-win-win

how about bus(carrys), 3 players can sell carry for vykas every single day, as many time they can get,

no need supports then when you can just buy carry instead

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This just tells me that you are willing to pay for carry just to get it done. Nice!

Its a WIN for you.



Im not willing to pay nothing cause im not even buying slots. Im from Argentina so our salary is not the same as the rest of the world. Cant afford to pay a BUS, i play the game completely F2P thats why im complaining about no gate lock.

2nd I’m gonna repeat, what do you even care if i pay a bus or not? i just dont get it what’s your drama about it, you wouldnt be able to play it if others pay? please enlight me.

Answering Uppou:
Vykas is way harder to bus cause you need ppl alive ir order to do mechanics, moreover you are gonna need 4 ppl at 1515++ in order to bus. Once said that, again, what do you care if others can buy carry? what does it change for you?

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Please if you have no idea about bussing don’t claim that vykas needs 4 1515+ players to carry xD just don’t talk about it at all for your own sake tbh

Oh, you talking about vykas normal? cause HM Gate 2, wanna see you there 1480 x4 bussing 4 others …
Once said that, whats your prob with others paying bus?

No one else is answering me that question. You all are saying the same like it’s satanic.
Im just providing a solution for casual to semi hard players who haven’t or dont want to commit with a schedule for Legion Raids.
People have a job, people study, people have social life. Those same people are not forbbiden to play the game, i can understand that you are FULLY committed with the game. Im asking Yall to understand we ALL are not.

Do you even know that if you can’t clear HARD MODE, there’s always a NORMAL MODE for you to practice and learn the mechanics? There’s no need for this thing that you are asking for.

Also, you’ll be more pissed and ask for more sh*t when HELL MODE comes. Yes, HELL MODE doesnt have a GATE LOCK. Feel free to hop in and lets see if they will carry your ass.

LMAO your getting heat up bro. Chill.

You missunderstood everything. You said im asking for BUSSES? did you even read the first post?
I’m asking for NO gate LOCK because there is NO PARTIES / NO SUPPORTS to play with. I’m at 1465 struggling to get a party in hard AND normal mode because there is NO FREAKING SUPPORT i dont know how to put that in your brain man.
THEN i said it could bring into party busses, supports charging gold and so, but what was the problem with it?
THAT’S ALL I SAID. Im not asking to be carried through BUS, for god’s sake man you guys really put me on my nerves when you can’t actually read a simple text.

IF you dont like people paying for bus, then let me know your constructive way to solve this NO PARTY/SUPPORT issue everyone is complaining about instead of attacking with nonsense that doesnt even affects you.

Please stop crying for a SUPPORT. This is DOABLE even without SUPPORT. Yeah, confirmed that you wanted to be carried.

LOL Gate 1 HM doable without support? did you even try vykas at all?

I just dont know why im wasting my nails in my keyboard replying to you at all. You have just confirmed to be a 10ys old child

100% doable and much easier. The more DPS you have, the faster you kill the purple boss. Oh wait, how did I know that. :wink:

Aight man, muted. You are not even worth.
Else you P2W complaining about… what? cause you made it clear you’re not aware about the support / party problem. OR, you are 2 stpd to realize anything at all.
Bye man, not worth AT ALL discussing with someone like you.

PD: Im just gonna leave an extra comment just in case. Take wow as an example, you can run M+ many times as you want, there are carrys, there are supports selling their services and thats not even a problem in the community/game.
Just take that from wow and bring it here, can’t see the problem.

You keep saying no one is answering your question, but let me ask you this, why do you think this doesn’t exist in other region? Do you think other regions don’t also have the same casual players that can’t afford the time to wait for groups and etc? Support shortage exists in every region, and almost every MMO game.

Busses will exist for Vykas later on and feel free to pay for it, no one is stopping you. As far as why does it harm other player experience if they can reclear over and over again allowing for endless busses and allowing people who want to farm income endlessly? I don’t think you really thought this through, because imagine the gap in wealth that already exists between casual players and more hardcore players and think about what endless bussing would do. It would make the gap bigger for one, and make obtaining goods you want even more expensive as players with capability to bus endlessly will have a lot more money than casual players will.

Another reason I can think of off the top of my head is that people won’t feel the need to raise their alts anymore, as now you have the capability to run on ur main endlessly. Why is that bad?

  1. Less accessories in the market, meaning whatever class you play, there will be less relic accessories in the market since alts won’t be running as much anymore since you can make way more profit running endless busses on your main

  2. Now players who aren’t as hardcore and are hitting legion raids won’t find as many people to run with and are also forced to take busses. People with alts that are high level enough are running at least Normal mode for valtan and Vykas. Imagine if those people decided, why do those raids for less gold when you can have an easier time just running endless busses and make more gold? Sucks for those players behind the curve because now you don’t have anyone to run with.

From what I gather from this thread, seems like you are either

  1. someone who wants to bus endlessly and are just pretending that the issue of lack of supports can be fixed with a simple endless bus and make a lot more gold that way without thinking of the repercussions.
  2. You really can’t find a party in either Normal/Hard Vykas. IF you are 1460 and you can’t find a party for Normal mode, then maybe it is something in your build. If you cheaped out on your engravings or you don’t have the proper stats like I saw plenty of times when I was looking for 1 dps in HM vykas statics, I can see why you aren’t getting picked up as a 1460+ in Normal vykas

Got slapped with the truth.


The problem is not im not being picked. I AM picked, but no supports shows up, so that me, and many many more, got to wait 3 / 4 hours for someone to appear. Just gonna add an img so you can see i’m actually trying to solve this issue the best way possible.

We done about the “getting my as* carried” ?

We’ll this tells us even no gate lock, you will end up paying for a bus.