Removing Server lock was a total failure

The server lock on already full server before F2P release was a great idea but it lasted few hours?

Some people asked you to open to join friends but in reality you needed to open slots because there were not enough slot for new players.

Even if it was to help people play with friends it was a bad move to listen to some random guy posting with no clue of server and region limit.

You should have lock server one after an other once they were full and new player would have to wait for new server/region.

You could even have stop new accounts for a time and handle problem one after an other.

What a greedy move, now we know you can’t add server or increase slots, so what?

A new region? This game offer no server transfert if I am right. So we waste 1 week if we move?

because with 25k+ queue on some server (hello Zinnervale), your only solution is to wait for some player to move? and if they don’t? It’s about who can be the most patient or have the more time to queue?

I really hope you will find some super solution like get transfert tools or i don’t know what.

But removing the server lock wasn’t a good decision (at least for us players) and the argument i want to play with my friend ends up on me and my friend can’t play.

You can still lock until you ahve new region/server.


Yeah I’m not sure why they removed the server lock, it’s not like friends can play together anyway unless they want to spend 8 hours in a queue, which theyve now forced everyone else on the server to bear as well. I had a max 2 hour queue in Kadan in prelaunch, since f2p it’s been 6-7 hours everyday. In fact, my friend that played has quit because if this so now I cant play with my friend lmao

I completely disagree with you. We had all agreed on a server and some of us didn’t do the preorder. Then they locked our server. Thank you for unlocking it!!! Now we can all play together. And I have not seen a queue to get in at all, even during prime time.

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There is absolutely 0 chance there’s no queue on a server that was locked. They locked servers because they already had several hours of queues which are now significantly worse due to the later starters joining.

I don’t know what to tell you. Not all servers have a high population, and they locked ALL prelaunch servers. We stayed away from the high profile servers and got lucky. So, yeah, little to no queue. I played off and on yesterday and never once had to wait to login.

yeah removing server lock was really bad idea. They can still solve this by splitting current region to two and compensate players to move new servers.

Like lvl50 boost and if you had founder’s pack, just give new one and extra two platinum skins that are not tradeable and can only be claimed on new server. Free to play players probably would love free 50 and founder would love extra platinum skins etc. Might be enough to solve the issue if it’s done in a week or two.

maybe i should have written EUROPE wich was obvious.

But all Eu server have queue, we saw it yesterday with someone posting the number for each server was 300k queue if i remember.

When you have 15k pre launch, and you know about server max slots, and region limit you don’t close your eyes and wait for miracle.

They knew with founder how many we were and our region too and they knew about their game capacity. If they didnt anticipate it’s an other problem and maybe they need to look at their team.

We were 500k online pre launch with already some full server and more than half of the region capacity limit.

How are you able to play with friend with a 25k queue? And are you able to make your friend start the game on a server where you can’t even queue?

Yup, here’s the queue times for 3pm CET yesterday.

Slen - 10407

Wei - 13193

Asta - 25033

Zinnervale - 24132

Thirain - 20410

Calvasus - 12753

Trixion - 17369

Neria - 23403

Kadan - 21695

Mokoko - 8615

Nineveh - 5821

Brelshaza - 5611

Antares - 7204

Sirius - 11451

Thaemine - 5683

Inanna - 5943

Beatrice - 8547

Procyon - 6737

Sceptrum - 7639

That’s just sad. They don’t even care at this point. They want the founders to move? Then give them EVERYTHING back not just a fraction of it. They will lose their progress that enough, why strip them of some items or reduce the amount of crystals? Just plain stupidity and incompetence here, sorry.

Half of the “ppl” in queue are already bots I guess

I disagree. On saturday new players who tried to play spent hours in queue just to ending up with not a chance to create a character just because in the long wait the available slots ran out. And not once , several times, in diferent servers. There was a point where just 2 servers were accesible to create new characters and had long queues aswell with a chance as like in the other cases not to be able to have one.

I know this create huger long waitsm but the problem was already there. And everyone deserves a chance to play… Solution?? no idea i hope they come up with something and the new Europe region works.

BTW sorry for my crappy english, at least I hope you could understand my point of view

Yes, you should have stated Europe. Europe is not the only Region, and people can’t read minds. How do you expect people to know that you are talking about the EU region???

And adding a WHOLE other EU region with tons of servers obviously shows they don’t care…

Its losing all the crystals that annoys me, they’re worth a lot. Almost £70. The rest of the items I am meh about.

You have no idea what you are talking about.
On day 3rd day, we had 8k-9k queues (2-3h waiting time) on our server!
After they removed the server cap, the queues increased to 15k-20k, (4h-6h waiting time).
On Sunday, at peak time, it was not possible to enter even to the queue server!
After 30 attempts (you have to restart the game every time - 2 min time), I have to wait 6 hours in line, and then I have also DC due to unsolved error, yet since the beginning, every 2-3h of game. Before server cap, I could come back to the game and I have no queue for some time, but due to login server problem, I miss this chance. In other word, I wait 6h in queue, have DC (error/server issue) after 2h and can’t come back at all!
Today around 4pm (comeback from work), I couldn’t even log into the queue system again and after an hour of trying, I’m finally in the 16k queue!
I pay a lot of money for this game, I spend money in game shop, therefore why I should bother for some random FTP player, that can’t play with friend in same server! Why FTP players have new servers with shorter queue and I can’t play at all!!!

Dude, you’re white knight’ing real hard. Then let me rephrase it. They don’t care about (EU) founders because they’re the ones that are stuck on overpopulated servers. Which are open for new players too even though they’re full already. They were full and with high queues even with only the founders. ALL servers.

What’s an easy solution? Give founders ALL their items and crystals on the other region. Then the „only“ thing they lose is their progress. But nah, lets just give them few skins and just a few crystals even though they paid for more crystals. No excuse here.

Lock all server in EU for new players, was a total fail to unlock the servers again …

Play all together? How? If people spend like 5-6h on queue? Making it impossible for many people, specially the ones that will spend more $, the people that have to work …

The queue on Thirain was like 5-6k at prime time now its more then 20k …

Let me give you a perfect example, I was spending about 40€ per month on GW2, for a year, 20€ for me and 20€ for my GF, but I could play it … was going to do the same on Lost Ark, but I won’t because I can’t play the game, if I can’t I will not spend any money on it.

Another example, i have already spend more then 300€ total on PoE, a free to play game, to support them … If this continues I will just stop playing Lost Ark, and like me, alot of people that would inject € in the game …

People wanted their friends om their server and its understandable. Amazon actually listened. When all this blows over and a lot of people move on for whatever reason people will be happy they are with their friends.

Nice. Now people can watch the queue together. One logged in at the morning and can play instantly. The other comes a few hours later and sits at 9k queue. The other friend comes a few hours later and sits at 15k. The other at 25k. Sounds like fun, yeah.