Removing Yoz? What about the costumes?

there’s a small amount of players who care about the damage modifier they give, ags got it really wrong and emphasized that point for some reason, when it’s obvious that we just dont want a lootbox system, we’d rather just buy the skin outright

Putting the item in a loot box and making it rare does not make it an achievement to aquire… It just means you got lucky or gambled away hundreds of bucks…

The fact you are acting like people who aquired these skins achieved anything is sad as hell. The only thing they achieved is being ripped off by game developers.

We do not need a skin sink. Why would I ever want to throw away my skins?

The game isn’t balanced around the skins, only grudge, the “2%” only adds like .0000001 to your damage so its a joke of a “buff” even calling it that is a strech.

dude amz how tf 4% attack power is pay to win ? 1% per piece btw, they just finding excuses to delay it, how is it p2w when there weapon +25 exist ??? lvl gems 10 exist ???

Is it possible for you to suggest this idea to the team, doing hard mode raids/content gives you tokens which you can then exchange for said skins? Kinda of like rehearsal mode but for skins.

Also suggest removing the pheon cost for skins in the AH becasue why does it need pheons for a onetime transaction?

I for one do not recall reading dozens of forum posts about a 1%-2% buff being the issue.
Its all been complaints about the lootbox/gamble aspect.
Whats wrong with basing skins at fixed rates, scaling with rarity?
Most would probably purchase all to have a different skin on each alt anyways. Or like mentioned before, a reward token to obtain and use to purchase skins.
Anything is better than gamble boxes!

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They’ll be released in some form eventually.

Not in the next few months, but they won’t throw out the designs.

They need to figure out either

A. Make them available through some kind of event currency, or
B. Put them in the store like normal skins

So far i only been lurking in the forums and this is my first post because i don’t think i can keep silent about this anymore.

Firstly you AGS’s perception of “hearing feedback” about Yoz’s Jar being a cash grab is from those players who hated this system, but you did not hear the other side of the people who wants these skins and now by removing it you get the other side of the peeps who says they want it and crying foul based on your decisions.

You want to have a middle ground where you can make both sides happy? Simple, just so when the player get’s the legendary skin, instead of the color randomness. Just allow the player to select and choose the color they want. So they won’t feel pressured to keep rolling until they get the full set

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Yes. Put it behind hellmode content where you need to spend 200-300gold per pull and spend an average 100 pulls (200k) to clear the content.

That’ll make people happy!

No more trash skins plz, there are so many dope skins in kr, why can’t we have them?

If they released the good skins now, you wouldn’t buy the bad ones later. So look forward to two years of bad skins.


having a hard time remembering your credit card number? Happens when you get old.

There are far more things you can invest an equal amount of gold into and get more player power… heck, I’d rather just invest in another main instead of get legendary skins. Many in KR don’t even use that many Legendaries.

Won’t matter if people quit because they don’t have any good skins to wear…

I don’t disagree, just being real.

good thing someone already did the proper math, thank you.

I’m glad you didn’t release that system, so unfair and so badly designed. Good job not greeding it out :clap:

I have been somewhat snarky about some of the other decisions AGS/SG has made for western release, but honestly this is a really good thing.

One, it seems increasingly likely that the EU will probably go for blanket regulation on this sort of thing, making the games future in that region somewhat difficult, and putting AGS in a bad position to potentially having to remove something after the fact causing even more outrage.

Two knowing how NA/EU operates in every other MMO that “minor” damage % is going to be used by players to gatekeep content… 1460 DPS vs 1460 DPS + Legendary skin applies to your party… who do you think they will pick? There is way too much RNG [and cost] associated with those skins as they were implemented in KR, and all of the KR streamers do not seem to like the system.

So thank you… it would really be nice to have the cosmetic portion, or at least the skin + stats at a reasonable fixed price, but I’d rather it not be implemented if it means adopting as-is in KR.

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What do you propose as an alternative skin sink?