Removing Yoz? What about the costumes?

I’m glad you didn’t release that system, so unfair and so badly designed. Good job not greeding it out :clap:

I have been somewhat snarky about some of the other decisions AGS/SG has made for western release, but honestly this is a really good thing.

One, it seems increasingly likely that the EU will probably go for blanket regulation on this sort of thing, making the games future in that region somewhat difficult, and putting AGS in a bad position to potentially having to remove something after the fact causing even more outrage.

Two knowing how NA/EU operates in every other MMO that “minor” damage % is going to be used by players to gatekeep content… 1460 DPS vs 1460 DPS + Legendary skin applies to your party… who do you think they will pick? There is way too much RNG [and cost] associated with those skins as they were implemented in KR, and all of the KR streamers do not seem to like the system.

So thank you… it would really be nice to have the cosmetic portion, or at least the skin + stats at a reasonable fixed price, but I’d rather it not be implemented if it means adopting as-is in KR.

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What do you propose as an alternative skin sink?

So that skins you no longer want have resale value on the market.

In other regions you’re able to buy skins from the store, knowing that there’s a baseline you can later sell the skin for the recoup a lot of the initial cost. We’ve not run into the real problem yet, because we don’t have the same skin variety, but as time goes on, unless we get the skin sink, the skins you don’t want to break down will become more and more worthless.

I like the sound of that, skins that essentially don’t cost anything to buy off the ah? Count me in.

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To see the dev team take action like this really redeems the doubts I was starting to have about them. I can see why there was a lot of radio silence, and I commend them for making this decision.

They have done a great job with the bots, and now, deciding in favour of not releasing this system is another +1.

It sucks that we don’t have the skins coming in a week, but I’m sure they will release the skins through a more suitable method in a month or two.

I’m happy and look forwards to next week’s patch. :slight_smile:

Really great decision to not implement this into the game.

Thanks for the update. I hope the team is working fast on implementing the skins from Yoz’s Jar in a fair, and affordable way. People won’t complain at all if it’s a straight up purchase price, and this is also good for the company too, and again, it combats bots

If it would be hidden in an achievement like the non dead Hellmode valtan/vykas/clown/brelshaza raid, then yes. Then it would be hard! This would be insane actually. But no. RNG isn’t hard. There is no achievement in lotery.

why does there need to be a skin sink?

not really sure why that’s a problem, in fact that seems pretty good if skins become cheaper

unless game companies have something against money, you will eventually see the already created legendary skins in the game in return for your money.


Yea keep dreaming it LMAO do you think KR will let you have those skins easy? They spends hundreds of dollars and thousands of golds on those skins to acquire them. And KR has legit 300k concurrent players and they are spending more many than us even with our g2g enjoyers combined. Do you think Smilegate will give that update to AGS to implent on game xD Thats why roxx said “we will revisit it” that means we dont know anything about it and how Smilegate will react, answer that request.


As usual, Community Managers are avoiding topics of Yoz Jar and Legendary Skins like a plague.

Probably because Smilegate gave up and told them they are never going to release them in our scuffed version.