Repackage the Northern Lawmaker


Could you please repackage my Northern Lawmaker, and likely the one who everybody who ask for it

We were lied to about how the northern lawmaker works, this is unacceptable

Roxx said on the forum and steam forum that the Northern Lawmaker is tied to a subclass and will be character bound
here the exact image in question

Turn out this was false information, the Northern Lawmaker isnt SUBCLASS based but is actually Main class based, but is also not bound to the character, which mean it can be transfered via the sharable bank to another character of the same classes
( for exemple Deathblade to Shadowhunter )
And in the case, actually how it works in Russia before, and how people actually assumed, which was denied by the CM, but was actually false and works like this
When a new subclass will release, like the Lance Master, the costume will be transferable on it, because it’s tied to the CLASS, not the subclass

Roxx telling us that the costume will be bound to character and only available on the playable class right now and not the future one led me to using it on my deathblade because i thought it would be bound and anyway i wont be able to use it on Lance Master when it release because Roxx said it’s not available on future classes

NOW i only learn, via playing that no, i actually could have used the costume on a Martial Artist and when the Lance Master release, just transfer it to the new character and enjoy the costume i paid for on the class i’m waiting for

This is unacceptable that we get given wrong information on product we pay for…

Could you please help me repackage the box so i can keep it aside for when Lance master release, or if you cant do that, just give me a second one and destroy the one i currently have in my inventory