Repeatable Argos to lean mechanics

Should be interesting and fun to do Argos more than once a week to learn his mechanics, watching videos on YT and playing is way to different. Of course after the first run of the week, u wont get any rewards.

Pros: Be able to lean mechanics
Cons: Ppl offering carries with gold. But this can be deal with Reports and the staff applying suspension, or something else.

What u guys think?
Because i see a lot of ppl struggling to understand the mechanic and not being able to pass the P1.

Unless you get hard carried you learn it during your instance, but I would love to run it more times a week as I find it extremely enjoyable (phase 2 at least, phase 1 is too easy). It would be a good practice to lower my teams hp potion (i am bard) as there was a time member in party ran out of potions and I myself had to use a potion because of my clumsiness

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Repeatable Argos no but when the same Party can enter again another Day after clearing Phase 1 and getting Loot from Phase 1. So the same Party can do Phase 2 another Day if they wipe and need to learn the mech or if the Party dont have Time anymore on this Day.

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