Repeatedly Warned and Kicked From Guardian Raid For No Discernable Reason

This may be a bug, but for some reason I was kicked from a Yoho run. I kept getting this message about being “warned” and eventually I was kicked and received a penalty. It happened shortly after joining and engaging the boss, I got the first warning before we even started fighting. Here are screenshots of the chat log from the time of joining to being kicked out.

This is the very first time something like this has happened, but it seemed odd enough to warrant me to create a forum post on it. Hopefully this was just a bug and not some weird malicious attempt by a group to kick me. One of the other guys complained the same thing happened to him. But as I didn’t warn him, and I think the message said everyone had to warn the player, he was either lying, or this is a bug. Whatever it was, I hope it doesn’t happen again.

It is not a bug.

It is either one of the players warns everyone on beginning for fun, or you have a leech gear (or offensive nickname etc.) and you get warned for it. Post your gear here as well.

You need to get warned by 3 people to get kicked out on Guardian Raids.

I feel like that’d be kinda toxic if that was the case, but here.

I only got to 1370 a couple weeks ago on this alt, so I don’t have 5-piece preordained, just 2-piece atm. I also don’t have the gold or pheons to spend on getting better accessories so I kinda am stuck with Domination on the necklace. Also, for the engravings I also have a Defense Reduction Lv 1, but I didn’t want to take another screenshot. I guess my nickname could be seen as a problem but that’d be kinda dumb. Not to brag, but whenever I usually do Yoho I’m MVP with damage and stagger so I don’t think I’m playing that badly. But I dunno, just hoping it doesn’t happen in the future.

I’d do raids with you :c

You are fine but get rid of our domination asap… Maybe someone was trolling don’t think much about it.

Stats don’t seem worth kicking over. It’s not bleeding-edge content at this point.

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