Replace Chaos Dungeons

I don’t understand why some of the most boring content is replayed infinitely for our gear.

Can’t we have something like a roulette for a daily activity or hell the racing event we have going now! I would love to do that daily on multiple characters rather than the mindless chaos dungeons.

Don’t get me wrong I actually like the daily guardian fights. I can’t just fall asleep and still complete it XD.

Honestly chaos dungeons aren’t that bad by themselves, but when forced to do them on several characters EVERY DAY it feels like it’s all I do more the majority of my play time and it’s brain dead.

Can we replace the daily slot with the event or something fun please?

Next day Edit: I am not saying take chaos dungeons out of the game. I’m saying don’t make them be the required on every character.

we are missing 3 other game modes. we dont have alot of stuff thats available in kr

you can hold off for every couple days on your alts and do it with rested so you dont have to do it as often

ohhh we got a crybaby over here. yass they are going to change core feature because you dont like to spend 8 mins to complete 2 chaos dungeons

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no reason to insult the person because hes voicing his opinion. yeah its a dumb idea to remove chaos dungeons. but hes just using the forums for what its for and thats voicing his opinion. you must be a weak individual irl huh

Insults ? if i would use “insults” it would be another story. Honestly, i wonder what else of a trivial ideas i will read here. Remove chaos dungeons, amazon games running their own bots to sell gold, raids too hard, raids too easy, boring mokokos, people complaining about nothing to do on 6 characters. It’s been fun to read so far


yeah if only chaos werent so predictable

tons of trash

trash with minibosses and final boss

and trash with red crystals that spawn miniboss

minibosses are a joke and the “final” boss u can use awakening and kill it instant too u recharge the awakening killing it anyway…

is boring mind numbing content

Welcome to the forums.

Between loading times and how long it can take people to ready up with some afkers (and yes people do that) I’m usually spending on average a good 2.5 hours a day on just chaos dungeons…everyday.

I want to play my alts and progress them but I would also like to spend that time having fun instead of mindless impossible to fail no thought tedium that I’ve been doing.

It’s like I get out of work just to come home and wait for another 2 and a half hours. I like lost ark and just want my daily activities to be fun.

Do you do Chaos Dungeons with other people ? If yes, may I ask why exactly ?

As some other replies have said, we are missing heaps of activities + chaos should only take like 15min of your time for both. I do my 2 dailies on my main and let my alts get rest and do one alt from my 4 each day so I don’t get bored.

it takes me less than 1 hours to do chaos on my 4 characters (from the first logging in to the last doing honing after)

It is not the funniest base content, but always remember that “we know what we are losing, we don’t know what we will get”

The game current situation needs more things to be added, not “bad things to be replaced” (and the bad are not so awfull). Mainly we need the “weekly contents” missing, it would help to stuff in t3, and make more variety in the gametime.

I do chaos dungeons in groups because they are genuinely faster than soloing for “most” of my characters. I know most people have the meta-characters somewhere in their roster but none of them really interested me so most of my characters are off meta-classes which don’t perform very well in tier one and tier two or tend to be better in parties.

And you’re right, I do have like two alts that could do chaos dungeons faster solo. I just don’t. That’s not the games fault But it is an MMO and I do like playing it with other people