Report afk during abyss raid


Is there any way to report an afk member during raid? In the report tab I can’t see nothing that fit this problem.

Thank you

I don’t think there is, the options to report in game have nothing close to that motive.
I see more and more ppl doing it during raids and guardian raids and there is nowhere to report other than opening a ticket with amazon support on the website

It’s really annoying but when I think that they are recycling support from new world I don’t think they will do anything to combat “small things” like this … really frustrating

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Hello @hisocka and @RamasSoKehur,

Unfortunately, at this moment in the report options there is not an specific one for being afk during raids, but we of course understand that this situations are frustrating and break the experience intended for the players.

I will make sure to pass this feedback to the correct people, but at this moment we are really sorry this kind of situations happen.

I hope both of you have a great day and see you in Arkesia!. :leaves: :dagger:

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Please help me with my problem

Game play hindrance.

@squarex7 That could definitely work as a workaround!. :sparkles:

More so than reporting, I wish they’d add a “join in progress” option and a kick feature. Even at a reduced reward rate I’d happily join a raid on the second or last boss for 20 to 50% the normal reward as long as it didn’t use up my weekly. It would promote a lot more good player behavior. Then the threat of “be have or you’ll eventually get banned” does. By giving the players the autonomy to hold others to the community standards.