Report bombing(Nia), update?

Did anyone do some rapport bombing in the last weeks /month?
Most of the guides I see are 6+ months old and assume that Nia needs 33K or rapport points (minus what you already have) which is like 15 legendary gifts past Friendly 1 stage (math needs to be done exactly , you cannot go 500 rapport over 33K or you’ll be stat locked),
an example of good and detailed guide in here; Easy to Get OMNIUM STARS in Lost Ark - YouTube
However, sites like and hth.gaming/rapport database claim that Nia needs 57.800 rep to max out to friendly 3. Was this updated to be harder? I don’t wanna mess up on this cause you have just one try so fresh info is welcome

I bombed her but this was like 6months ago :smiley:
Was like 15 legendary gifs… on youtube you can find some good source.

Oh I’ve miscalculated, Friendly 1 is actually quite high, hopefully it will have reasonable stat demands, I’m slightly concerned, hopefully they increase gradually

Yep, still works

I literally can’t progress on nia or the emo girl because of stat requirements and im like roster 140

You literally need to farm specifically stats, by aiming rapport of specific NPCs, which will allow you to gain stats to rapport other, more demanding NPCs - here’s a good guide on rapport prioritization
Lost Ark Launch Systems /Overview

Also, doing Specific Una tasks may help too.
Una priortiy guide

Other option is rapport bomb as I just descirbed up, but “natural” progression is better, this is only if you absolutely must brute force befriend a character

wait so can you only do this at level 1? cause someone said as long as u can give gifts u can do it

yes but at one point, the stat requirement to interact with her increases, and then you cant give her books until you reach that requirement

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