Report bots, they said. it will be taken care of, they said

so many new players enjoying Punika!
keep up the good works, concurrent players data never lies!

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: yikes

not gonna lie, kind of mesmerizing to watch all of them move perfectly in sync.

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is the skin still being given to new accounts created today?

If not, the fact that they all have the mokoko skins imply that they have accounts sitting there after creation for months to immediately roll out once some of them gets banned.

I’m also actually curious why they would take the time to open one and equip it. maybe they are trying to blend in to look like a real player? idk

they’ve probably made observations that by doing the act of certain things they don’t get whatever “anti-botting tools” were implemented coming up as much. basically figuring out every “check” they’ve put in place and doing one quick update to their bot script :melting_face:

I just hope that AGS is at least putting much actual thought and effort as the botters do, other than just slapping that 3 day gold withhold period sticker on everything.

I don’t know about those specifically, but try friending some bots and see how long it takes for something to be done I think you will be surprised xD. its embarrassing to allow that in the middle of punika once much less all day every day, I hope they get to work on this seriously soon