Report Gold Selling Lobbies?


How do you report goldsellers who make lobbies and leave them up all the time? They are even in T3 and clogging up the top with that bump every minute feature.

Hello, @PrayMayer!

I see you want to report these annoying gold selling spam situation, I understand how you feel about it.

If by any reason you can’t report the players in-game, you can submit a web ticket here

Make sure to include the following:

  1. The name of the player you’re reporting. If reporting a guild, include the guild name and make sure to say you’re reporting the guild.
  2. A description of the violation by either the player or the guild (evidence is allowed, so make sure you send pictures or links for a stronger report, or even link this thread to the description).
  3. The server name where the violation occurred.

Once submitted, our dedicated team will look into it and will act accordingly.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and help us keep the game safe and clean!

Tag me here if anything else! :smiley:

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