Report system is working or what

This one demonic trolling people in game and he say “if u do 50k dmg u dont get suspended from pvp” i report him idk others doing this but i see him in arena all the time trolling people

I just realise he is supreme 8 just with trolling what kinda pvp system is this he is just doing 50k dmg and afk ruining peoples games no ban nothing and chat he is cursing us for no reason just for playing pvp i wonder what kinda morons living in this world :clown_face:

The report system is in the game for you to practice right clicking people’s names and typing into text boxes.

It is not for sending messages to Amazon to enforce the rules of their game because they don’t have support staff because that would require them to spend money.


DemonBM is a douche and should be removed from the game permanantly.
The bullshit antics happen every game, yet he’s still allowed to play without any repercussion.