Reporting players post-game?

I mean, in most games reporting just seems like a valve to let out some anger while no moderators are assigned to care about them. But are you really being this obvious about that, that you don’t even allow to report other players post game? During games some of us try to focus and do our best to win even though we are on the same team as someone intentionally trolling/feeding or AFK’ing. Then when the game ends, we cannot report that player cause we are not in the same world. Wtf is that system?

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this is very needed

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PvP in competitive is already hell as it is, for everyone. And yet, every single tiny thing feels like it’s designed to dishearten the players. Got at least 2 players in my team that d/c’ed right after their first death. Yet no way to report them during the final statistics screen. Player not in your server. Allocate some of your budget to the pvp improvement.

You can report them but you cannot block them.
The message you see about them not being in your world is because it also tries to block them.

Maybe play better and they won’t afk

I mean the problem is, I have been supposedly reported for Trolling / Feeding. I had 4 deaths…I did have the most dmg taken…it was just a bad game for me. One game based off of the what 900 that I have had. It happens.

It frustrates me to no end when I have a teammate tell me how much I suck ect ect, when in reality…they are doing just as bad. Not peeling ect. Dont chase Im told. Im an Arti…Im slow af, so…I go after plp I can catch…well that’s what wrong too. People have to realize that every match is different. It’s a puzzle. Once you figure out how the other team is playing then you try to exploit the weaknesses.

The only time I have ever seen any type of constructive crtitisim was from a diamond. He gave pointers. Even though we lost. Instead, most people are…you suck blah blah blah. People just need to chill a bit. Have fun. I have a 50% win rate in both comp and tdm. I am right where I need to be apparently according to ELO or whatever this system uses.

Okay. That’s all I got. Just have fun.