Reporting RMTer like this guy

Are u guys actually actively reporting suspected RMTers like this ?

Need to report these type of players so AGS can have a look into it

source - lost ark discord


no comments on others but…

why all the top whales like playing berseker?! whats good about this class?!

Big sword and he’s fun to play too

big d* dps

2x lvl 8 gems what a loser.

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They’re not. I’ve seen a similar loadout in pretty much every class on multiple players just doing cube / GR.

I’ve played with this person before in cube…and in raids, they don’t rmt from what im used to seeing however they did use 30 boss cube tickets. so its kinda normal to me seeing the gems

i remember their guild name, full of people like him

I’m sorry what does this mean?

Also you have no way of knowing if they rmt by playing with them in cube.

sorry i should’ve put a coma there im not the greatest at typing. apologies

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each boss rush gives you two lv 4 , one lv 3 gems.

Doing rough math, you get lv 7 gem every 11 or 12 boss rush runs.

To get a level 10 gem, you need 81 lv 7 gems. So, lets say 10 boss rush runs per lv 7 gem for ease of calculation. What do you get? That’s right, more than 800 boss rush runs. 30 boss rush runs don’t come near close, UNLESS this dude somehow runs multiple clients and runs boss rush on up to four which would reduce number of runs down to 200 boss rush runs, so I have no clue where u get ur assumptions from.

AND you have to be lucky to be enuf to roll a DPS gem hahaha

So to me, you either haven’t really thought about how level 10 gems are so hard to get, OR you’re one of that dude’s friends and may be trying to stand up for him.

yeah the 2x lv8 gems defs points to this guy being F2P.

straws knights. pulling at fking straws. 2 level 8 gems. GIGGLE

Dont let the roster thing fool you too, apparently theres services for that too!

wow thats me