Reporting them useless?

for almost now 3 days this guy keeps crying and flaming and insulting ppl like this.

been reporting him for 3 Days also but it seems like simply none gives an fuck.


wth how is this possible? Like everything is filtered (senseless stuff) but this is allowed and he is still not banned? People like him should get an hardware id ban or smth.

Could we get some transparency into how the report system works? Do people read those? I doubt it.

they simple dont care about this. i had 3 matches again where i meet this guy and each round he keeps trash talking like this.
When u open a ticket u get an answer to use the ingame report system.
When u use the ingame report system nothing happens. thats legit so fucking bad.

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why are you so offeded lol? I wish Id win someone like him, its funny

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yes such things should not be tolerated but if I were you I would simply block him the next time I see him write and move on with my life.

Reporting does nothing in this game. I’ve reported two people in my own static for buying gold from g2g. It’s been 3 weeks now since I reported them, they are still playing… It’s a lost cause.

OP should post the whole screenshot instead of playing the victim.
Looking at his name I know exactly who he is and is one of the most toxic pos in arena, more so than this other idiot in the screenshot.

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Are these pvp logs op ?

you dont get to decide if someone else is offended tho, only the person in question makes that judgment call.

so it really doesn’t matter why

I`m with the opinion nobody to be banned for trash talk,for me is funny when they do it.It means you really rapped him hard in fight that you bringed him in that point

Do what i do now. Just close the chat window when playing PvP because all it is is BS name calling and accusations of botting. Then when they get no reply they can waste there time trying to run ya off.

After getting accused of using a bot program I had to laugh because I have seen bot programs and they typically don’t play bad. They are very skilled at what they do.

I was doing some reading and found there is actually an AI program that people are using to play games with and the easy anti chat isn’t catching it. Guess what they are very efficient and accurate like some of these people playing in PvP are.