Repost: roadmap so bad, AGS is running away

The big leader deleted it, despite once again not having a legitamite reason. So here we go again.

Game is done for. They know. They are now hiding behind Discord, which is known to disregard user privacy.
At least That gives them even more control to hide what they don’t want people to see.


Fine with me.
There’s still reddit.

But the slayer posts are warranted?
Stop being a hypocrite.

what is this thread about?
hiding what?

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glad they close the Forum now. So there are less bs threads/postings like this one here.

Who cares? Either slayer gets released and people who want to play aeromancer will mald or aeromancer gets released first and people who want to play slayer will mald.

It’s the fact that people here can’t accept something as simple as a roadmap with some dignity like come on dude

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are they?
this news brings happy tears if true

there you go my fellow warrior

Game is just fine…Stop spreading false propaganda

The same happened to Leagues forums

very few games foster a positive community on their official forums

official forums are just a place for people who hate their existance to vent and deflect their own shortcomings in life

you know
it’s not my problem with time management priorities in life and general logical sense of self preservation
it’s the games fault for making me play 6 alts off rest and bus and flip the market and buy low sell high


life is hard, guess we will still enjoy Arkesia without the beloved(LUL) Forum


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Wow. This is actually the biggest bonehead move.

hes another conspiracy theorist lol

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