Request: Delete my Forums Profile pls

Hello MODs,

i cant delete my Forumsprofile cause there is no Option to do it.
Can some MOD pls delete my Profile.


Hello @anon15412883 !

We mods are unable to delete your account, however you can do it by following this steps:

Click on your profile picture>click on the person :pouting_man: icon next to the mail>open Preferences>under preferences open Account and at the bottom you will have a red button saying “Delete My Account”.

After that, you should be able to close the account.

I hope this helps, please stay safe!

There is no “Delete My Account” thats why i wrote here.

Hey @anon15412883 thanks for sharing that SS.

By some reason, we know that the button is there for some people but for others, like you, it is missing. We will escalate and look for this since some users have the option and others not.

I do apologize for any misunderstanding since we were not aware of this problem.

Please stay safe!

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