Request for AGS and Smilegate

I am a huge fan of taking Screenshots in MMOs and editing them.
But the Quality of Lost Ark Screenshots are not the best.

The Screenshots are taken in your Game Resolution, but saved as jpg with only 96 dpi.

I´ve testet all possibilities from other games to change the endproduct:

  • adding start options to change file type
  • changing the ingame settings to max
    but nothing of this helped.

So my request would be that please introduce an option that you can save the screenshots also in higher resolution and in a different file type

See you in Arkesia


Pleeeeeease, do something about this, @Roxx, and deliver this message to someone else. I love taking screenshots as well, and it’s a horrible experience having them in lower quality, if you’re not using a 21:9 monitor. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Agreed with this!


@Roxx @Shadow_Fox Anyone, pls? :frowning:

Why u dont post this on feed back channel?