Request for character restoratio

I would like to know which characters are available for restoration on my account.
Server: Armen

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Raizork Welcome to the forum! :lion:

I hope you’re doing great and I’ll be more happy to help you! :man_mage:
In order to check your account I need the name of your main character!

Thanks in advance for the information! :sparkles:

Oh didn’t know!
Main char: Raizhork

Checking you account I found only one deleted character:

-Voladora lvl 50 Paladin

Unfortunately this character is not available to restore. :frowning:

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Could it be because i had no character slots left to locate him, or there is another reason?

Thank you!

Unfortunately for some characters the data is not longer recoverable due a server merge. :frowning:
I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you!

If there is anything else I can help you please let me know! :lion:

Safe travels in Arkesia! :world_map: :crossed_swords:

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