Request for Deleted character restorationznznz

Hi GMs, I accidentally deleted one of my character. Can I please request a character restore?

Character Name: Justrage
Class: Berserker
Server: NA WEST Rohendel

Thank you in advance!

Oh no! Sorry to see your character is gone :frowning: .

I’ve moved this to the support section so our support team can help you out here.

Hey there, @mxxsxxx.k!

I’ll be more than happy to help you get your character back!

I just need you to log off the game, I’ll look for your deleted character and restore it.

Once It’s done, I’ll edit this comment and tag you here to let you know. :wink:

EDIT: Hey @mxxsxxx.k, take a look at your roster and let me know if Justrage is back!

Thank you so much Santoryu/Centeotl, I got my character back!

I also had one more character (scrapper, lvl 50) but I dont quite remember her name T_T

It was the one and only scrapper character I had and it must be easy for you to figure out which one it is.

Would you be able to restore her as well?

Appreciate it so much in advance!!

Hello @mxxsxxx.k, hope you’re doing well!

I’ve restored your Scrapper named “Justblow”, please try again and confirm if you can access them now (and if this was the correct character).

Have a good day in Arkesia!

yes thats mine!! thank you so much!

and you have a great day too

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Hello GM @Chameliaca @Santoryu !
May I ask you to restore my holy knight “Justlight” please?
Thank you in advance!

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Hello again, @mxxsxxx.k!

Let me look it up for you. I’ll need you logged off the game as the last time so I can restore it for you. I’ll tag you here once it’s done.

Thank you I just logged off!

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Awesome, Thanks for the fast response! :smiley:

Your character Justlight should be back in your roster, take a look and let me know.

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This is probably gonna be my last request for character restoration haha

I dont quite remember the character name but can i please have my destroyer back? his name must be Justbash or Justsmash… it is my one and only destroyer I had

and one more thing,

when do you think we can have powerpass system back?

are we just disabling it for bot issues?

Hey there again @mxxsxxx.k!

I can definitely help you get another character back, but I need you to log off the game, so let me know once you’re offline. :wink:

Regarding the powerpasses, we don’t have any updates yet, once they’re ready they’ll update us here.

I will log off now!

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Good stuff, I just restored your character back, take a look and let me know. :wink:

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