Request: Locked Zoom key binding is annoying


Can we have the choice to get ride of the key binding for the mouse wheel zoom ? The Russian version has the zoom bind locked and cannot get ride of the zoom in game and it’s very annoying for some reasons. Some other peoples and I would like to unbind that thing and get ride of it.

Thanks for your answer


Yes please! I actually use the mouse scroll keybinds for useful things in the game and its really annoying that they are locked.

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Im here because I accidentally scroll in sometimes when I dont want to and Im looking up how to disable it… this is annoying…

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Hope this is not being ignored. Playing currently a gunslinger as an ALT and I would rather bind my mousewheel to weapon switch instead of zoom.

Cmon cant be too hard to implement.

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I can’t freaking use Tab as my replacement for Q button (after 160h of getting used to the skill being on it + no better place to put it) BECAUSE THERE’S A HARD CODED “Tab is scoreboard” IN PVP, keybind that doesn’t even show in the bindings menu - WHY THE HELL is that a thing?

No “move” button on keyboard (do you have any idea how horrible the amount of clicking you have to do - especially when fighting or sailing is on the hand/wrist)? Attack has the C double binding (for mouse and on C), why not “move” button double on keyboard (not WASD moving just press W instead of RMB)?

Scroll binds locked sounds bad too…I just realized it would be nice to use it for something like auto move (or wep swap on Gunslinger).


I also find there’s too many locked key binds, and at times will zoom in during a fight. I can’t for the life of me understand why someone thought having zoom in on the scroll wheel, and locking that key binding was a good idea, but MU Legend does that too.

Ideally they would unlock all these key binds, make the scroll wheel zoom in less sensitive, as now just barely brushing against it is enough to have you zoom in, or at least have zoom in disabled while in combat state. Although as there’s no telling when, or if they will ever do such things, I did find a way to usually avoid that issue. For me at least, I will almost always brush against the scroll wheel in the same direction, so if I just inverted the scroll wheel direction in my mouse settings software, that pretty much sorted that out.