Request: Punishment for quitting chaos dungeons



Theres a large amount of players abusing chaos dungeons, they quit them on the third map, its happening each run every day so i propose if you do quit your locked out of running chaos dungeons for a week.


Not excusing this behaviour, but this might be the explanation for people leaving on the third map.
the TLDR version of the video is: the third floor is inefficient to run because it gives you less materials for a higher time investment than 1+2 combined.

Well, your mistake it not doing them solo.

It’s more of a design flaw with the chaos dungeon itself…
The largest reward (post dailies) should come from completing it, but instead it’s rng halfway through.
If you were running an abyss dungeon, it was set up so that the boss only had a 10% chance or so to spawn, and you knew halfway through the dungeon whether or not the boss was there… do you waste your time finishing the dungeon or do you reset and roll again?
This game is full of people seeking time efficiency.